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Freedom Writers: Family Relationships

No description

ricardo santos

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Freedom Writers: Family Relationships

Family Relationships
What makes Eva choose to "go against her people" in the courtroom? Do you think this was a good decision? How do her family and freinds react?
Eva rethinks her decision because she sees the suffering eyes of those who had nothing to do with that tragedy , just so the gangs could be protected and prosper
Yes, I do think it's a good decision because that's how she felt when her papi had went to prison and he didn't do anything. Her mamita had kicked her out. So now she has to go and live with her tia.
Do you think it's important to "protect your own " or do what's right?
When you say protect your own as in your own family, I think you should protect them until the limiar of sanity. Noone should get away with major crimes.
When it comes to your people if you start it you need to finish it. Don't start, what you can't finish.
Would you tell the truth on the witness stand or protect your friend?
I would have told the truth because if you lie it would hunt you forever. If you lie you will have to pile lie on top of lie.
How does Ms. Gruwell's class class become the safe zone for the youth to express their sufferings?
It became the safe zone because, the children had learn to trust and repect her and she learnt to respect them as well, so they felt that the class was a safe haven.
How does he work life conflict with her love life?
Her husband leaves her and her father does not think it's safe for her to keep working as a teacher.
Her husband left her because he could not be her wife.
How does her father view her choice on teaching? How does he change?
He didn't like that she was teaching the delinquents, he thought she was more capable and more valuable than that.
At the end he was as happy as she was for teaching them.
By: Nuno Santos and
José Pedro Bravo

What makes a family strong?
How do Erin and the kids show those traits?
Trust and respect for each other.
They demonstrate their respect by being pleasant to each other and forgetting gang
What the problems between Erin's work and personal life?
Erin was more concerned about her students than her own husband. That made him sad and lead to their divorce.
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