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Circulatory System

No description

Bradley Vink

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Circulatory System

Intro to the Circulatory System Why Have a Circulatory System? For single celled organisms, and simple animals, all cells are in contact with the external environment
Diffusion of CO2, O2, H2O, nutrients and wastes can be done directly with the external environment For more complex organisms, a circulatory system is necessary because not all cells are in contact with the environment
Functions of the Circulatory System Brings O2 to cells

Takes wastes away from cells
Relays chemical messages (hormones)
Types of Systems Open System Closed System Blood bathes cells directly
No distinction between blood and interstitial fluid
Snails, Insects, Crustaceans
Blood is contained within blood vessels
Blood and interstitial fluid are separate
Earthworms, squids, octopi, and vertebrates
a fluid, e.g., blood to carry the materials to be transported
a system of vessels to distribute the blood (closed systems)
a pump to push the blood through the system exchange organs to carry out exchanges between the blood and external environment, e.g.,
lungs and intestine to add materials to the blood;
lungs and kidneys to remove materials from the blood.
Helps maintain fluid levels
Important in immunity Brings nutrients to cells Takes CO2 away from cells An Efficient Circulatory System has: Circulatory

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