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The Pushcart War

This is for 7th grade English class for the book entitled "The Pushcart War" by Jean Merril.It is about trucks who take over New York City and run down pushcarts.The pushcarts must stop it in a series of battles.

Samuel Mikulka

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Pushcart War

Intro New York City has a big traffic problem that needs to be fixed.Trucks are running the streets and there's no room for any other vehicle(or pushcart).Truck drivers are also very aggressive and will run down anybody that gets in their way. HOW THE SOLUTION WILL HELP If every trucking company only drives 3 trucks a day,there will only be 9 trucks on the street every day.It will make a safer New York City. Also,let's face it,like Wenda Gambling said,there were to many trucks and they were too big.The Three need to make smaller trucks and then maybe they will have more than 3 trucks on the street a day.Carpooling would also help beause there will be less vehicles on the street altogether. CONCLUSION Peace can come to New York City.The pushcart war can end if the Three really do try to end it.They need to have smaller and less trucks. OPINIONS TRAFFIC COMMISIONER: Trucks are the main problem in New York City because they are too big for the streets and block everything.Truck drivers are also too aggressive. CITY WORKER: Can't get to work on time because stuck in traffic jam or late to open shop. PUSHCART PEDDLER: Have gotten ran down by truck drivers,get injuries.Have to move out of the way for trucks,get pushed around by them. TRUCK DRIVER: Too much traffic,can't make deliveries on time,have to wait hours on end for one delivery. SOLUTION: There is a solution to this big problem.Truck companies only drive 3 trucks a day.Make smaller trucks,and people must try to carpool to lessen cars on the streets. THE END THE PUSHCART WAR
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