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Donald Trump

No description

Tayah C

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of Donald Trump

Trump's immigration positions do not deserve a response because they are so outlandish. If you force me to give you three words to describe them they would be: ludicrous, impractical and racist.
Economic Reform
Trump's Solution
And the 2016 American Presidential Election
Behind the Election
The War on Isis
The 2016 Presidential Election for the United States of America will be November 8, 2016. So far, the race has begun in earnest.


Democrats vs. Republicans

The Issues

Donald Trump
The Details Behind the Controversy
The Candidates
Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
Martin O'Malley
Jeb Bush
Ben Carson
Chris Christie
Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorina
Jim Gilmore
Mike Huckabee
John Kasich
George Pataki
Rand Paul
Marco Rubio
Rick Santorum
Donald Trump

The Important Issues
Support for Donald Trump
Poll Tracker
The Controversy
1950's Operation Wetback
Breaking up families
Derogatory comments
Inability to build the wall
Reaction from civilians
"Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards – of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico" (Trump, 2015).
-Bill Richardson, American politician
Donald Trump on Free Trade
Cost between $10 trillion and $12 trillion over a decade
Increase public debt from 74% the size of the economy to 125% by 2025
According to preliminary estimates from the Tax Foundation, Trump's plan would:
Proposed Ban on Muslim Refugees
Trump's Plans
Surveillance against mosques
Possible database for all Muslims living in the U.S.
Prevent all Muslims from entering the U.S.
Take the oil from Iraq
Kill the families of terrorists
Create a "safe zone" in Syria
Prevent people living in Syria from accessing the Internet
"Anything that bolsters ISIL's narrative and pits the United States against the Muslim faith is certainly not only contrary to our values but contrary to our national security,"
"Now, I know that each of the Republican candidates has already taken an oath pledging to support Donald Trump for president of the United States if he wins the nomination. But the fact is, the first thing a president does when he or she takes the oath of office is to swear an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. And the fact is, what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president."
Peter Cook, Pentagon Spokesman
Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary
Countries Fighting ISIS
Saudi Arabia
Recent Attacks
San Bernandino shooting
Paris attacks
Bomb onboard Russian jet
Attack on French Train
Kuwait Mosque Bombing
America has currently taken in 1,500 Syrian refugees. Obama has committed to accepting at least 10,000 refugees in 2016.
Illegal immigration is a very serious problem in the United States. As of 2014, there were 11.4 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. Mexicans comprise nearly half of all illegal immigrants living in the country.
Illegal Immigration in the U.S.
American Debt
America is currently over 18 trillion dollars in debt. The federal debt has more than doubled in the last 11 years, rising from 7.3 trillion in 2004 to 18.2 trillion in 2015.
Success Rate
Game: Who Was It?
Donald Trump
Kim Kardashian
Who tweeted it?
Which person has been in the movies Little Rascals and Home Alone?
Who said it?
"I'm an entrepreneur. 'Ambitious' is my middle name."

4. Who went to Usher's 26th birthday party?
Who tweeted it?

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