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Latin American Dance and Palio Sacred Music

No description

Krissy Rose

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Latin American Dance and Palio Sacred Music

Latin American Dance and Palo Sacred Music
By: Krislyn Ross
Palio Sacred Music
La Rumba
La Ranchera
Que es Quebradita?
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Originated in the west indies: secular, religious roots
derived from mambo and American swing
Fast and sassy rhythm
became popular in US in 1954
moving steps on the beat
foot moves, body follows
Fun, fast,and acrobatic
Originated from mexican band, El recodo in 1960's
means, "little break"
combo of western steps, merengue, and cheerleading stunts!
backlash of anti-immigration in mid 1990'3 in California
Cumbia and banda instruments
Derived from rancho: the songs sung on ranches in rurual mexico
folklore music about love
Powerful songs about country
Embodies what mexicans think of themsleves
Rumbear meaning: going out to parties to dance and having a good time
Influence from 16th century imported from black slaves
form of west indain dancing
derived from many cuban dancing: the son, guaracha, and bolero.
SExual movements, fast, and male aggressive
Cuban style vs american style
Remains popular ballroom dance
Dominincan sacred music with congo and central africa roots
played during religious ceremonies to honor saints
palos - the hallowed out logs used as drums
also played with guiras-metal scrapers or cata-little sticks for hitting drum
the drums and voice are only instruments
formed by brotherhood called cofradias
Palo mayor- sings our verses of a song
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