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SAS 130 Presentation

Leadership Presentation for our group final project.

Colin March

on 4 June 2009

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Transcript of SAS 130 Presentation

Presentation Team Primavera Adam Gangi
Carlos Martinez
Hailey Stone
Overview Interviews Tanner Bixler Fred Wood Josh Flushman Laura Pulido Amy Soud ASUCD Senator Fall 08-09 Campus Leadership positions

UCD Centennial is really nothing special

Appreciation for area grows the longer she is here- "a place to grow" Laura Pulido Be Proactive if you want to see results

Why senate? "I have a high level of respect for the work that is done"

Two most important leadership qualities: Patience and Communication Coho Student Manager / UCD Firefighter What does a Student Manager do?

UCD Fire department

On top of the world Tanner Bixler Can't micromanage

Mutual respect from the top down

Keep some traditions but accept change

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Served on UCD faculty since 1978
Finds Davis growing more diverse ethnically, racially, and in the breadth and experience of activities Fred Wood Implemented Student Community Center and Student Transfer Agenda

States observation and listening skills critical in being a good leader Athletic Academic Advisor
One of four NCAA Academic Advisors

What does she do for student athletes?

Athletic GPA advantage

Amy Soud UCD MINIMUM PROGRESS NCAA RULES Any units count toward UCD minimum progress

Registrar's office checks minimum progress in July Units must be required in the degree to count toward athletic eligibility
Registrar's office checks minimum progress every quarter UC Davis Athletic future Samantha Erickson
Lula Ahmed
Colin March How did we get started? Assistant Athletic Director/ Director of Football operations Began his career at UC Berkeley, where he worked for ten years
Aspirations of becoming an athletic director
"UC DAVIS" degree vs. a "UC" degree Josh Flushman Goal is to "empower student athletes with personal responsibility"
"Accountability and consistency"
"It is possible to do more with less. always try." + Lula Where are we going?
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