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Qualities of an Oceanographer

Class Project- Our personal legend

Kaitlyn Dain

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Qualities of an Oceanographer

Qualities that an Oceanographer needs to be Successful
Qualities of an Oceanographer
By Kaitlyn Dain
Period 1-2
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Oceanographers need to be friendly to the fish around them. And when you take picture you need to make sure not to disturb or harm the animal in any sort of way. Be nice to them and they will be nice to you!
Good Grades
In order to become an ocean oceanographer, you need your bachelor's degree in oceanography, math, engineering, biology, chemistry, or physics. You also should take classes for English. speech, and writing since you create reports and oral presentations a lot. After you earn your bachelor's degree, you must attend graduate school to earn an advanced degree in oceanography. The graduate school can provide you with opportunities for jobs.
You Need to be able to Cooperate with a Team and Work Individually
You will need to work as a group. If you are a biological oceanographer, you need to work together when scuba diving or working on research.
Good Communication Skills
You must be good at communicating with your peers The reason why is because you need to share new ideas and information.
You Have to Know How to Have Fun!
Having fun at work can motivate you to try harder. Don't wake up in the morning like this dog
Personal Legend Project
Fish Friendly
I 'll explain the types later!!
You need to work individually because you need to work on things and research by yourself sometimes
So have fun on the job
No matter what it is!
This has been...
The Different Types of Oceanography
The 4 types of oceanography are biological (which is what I want to do,) physical, chemical, and geological.
Biological Oceanography
Biological oceanography is the study of marine life and how they act to pollution
Physical Oceanography
Physical oceanography is the study of ocean currents and tidal waves. They measure the height of waves.
Geological Oceanography
Geological oceanography is the study of the rocks, minerals, and sediment on the ocean floor.
Chemical Oceanography
Chemical oceanographers study the chemicals in the ocean
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