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Body Paragraph: Topic Sentence, Support, and Explanation

Finding and writing a topic sentence; Finding quotations; Writing a body paragraph

Zachary Ziaja

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Body Paragraph: Topic Sentence, Support, and Explanation

Citation Summary I.S.E.E. Paraphrase Quotes Topic sentence A Topic Sentence gives the mainpoint of the paragraph A Topic Sentence is to the paragraph like the Thesis is to the paper: a guide A topic sentence is usually found in the first two sentences of each paragraph to give the reader an idea what he/she will read and to focus each paragraph to one specific topic. “Eastern Christianity built its heritage on the works of early church fathers. One was Saint Basil, who, around 357, wrote rules for the life of monks. Another key figure was Saint John Chrysostom. As a bishop of Constantinople from 398 to 404, Chrysostom was the patriarch, or leading bishop in the east.” (Beck, et al 272). Support Why do I need to support my argument? Quotations
Plagiarizing Using someone else's thoughts word for word To quote an author, you must put his/her words into quotation marks and identify the author in either an in-text or in a parenthetical citation. As a result of these cuts, hundreds of teachers will lose their jobs. In one Wisconsin District, Craig Bender, superintendent, will have to issue preliminary lay-off notices to nearly one quarter of his teachers. Bender said, "It has a huge effect on how schools can function and how well we can continue to educate all kids" (DeFour and Kittner). or Using someone else’s ideas but reworking them into your own words Paraphrasing/Summarizing is an effective way to use reliable information without quoting, but, even though you use your own words to restate their ideas, you must still identify the author in either an in-text or in a parenthetical citation Plagiarism Using someone else’s words or ideas without giving them credit is bad very bad. Plagiarism Topic Sentence Inform Support quote/paraphrase/summarize Explain Explain Support Points Used Explain Relate the Whole Paragraph Back to the Thesis Author
Title of Work
Book or Publication Title
Publishing City
Year Published
Page Numbers
Meduim of Publication Basic Citation Info Sentences
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