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Technical Construction of a digital moving image production

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Kirstie Stark

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Technical Construction of a digital moving image production

Technical Construction of a digital moving image production -

1. Setting
Settings can be;

Here the film makers used a real Jungle as the setting for the scene. It is and is mean to look
real / natural.
Learning Objective
To understand and explore the technical term;
Definition of
A French term meaning what is put into a

Visual information
in front
of the camera

to the audience

It is made up of 6 elements: Can you guess what they are?

Inside the Hobbit hole
Outside the Hobbit hole
Mise-en-scène - the 6 areas
1. Setting
2. Props
3. Costume
4. Make up
5. Movement
6. Visual effects
Sometimes a director will want their work to look different from the world we see around us everyday, to give their film or game a certain 'feel'. Here are some examples
This means to film in an existing place and not in the studio. In the next scene they filmed on the river Thames and a number of other locations in London.
Backdrops are used in computer generated images - think of how many modern films use green screens with superimposed images.
2. Props
Props are the objects used by the actors or characters in a scene.

They can often be
specific for example a cutlass sword in a pirate movie.
make a list of settings and props you would find in:

- A Science Fiction Film
- A Romantic Comedy
- A Horror Film
3. Costume
This means the costume is true to the time period the moving image is set in
Costumes that are deliberately designed to have a certain 'look' that will often say something about the character.
Coordinated with the set
When the costume and the set share common design features such as colour, patterns and shapes, these costumes are usually also very stylised. Here are two examples;
4. Make up
Although actors will always be wearing make up it is often done so you can't tell they are or in a way that makes them look naturalistic / real.
Below Harrison Ford looks like he has really bben in a fight with blood on his face but it is all make up.
This like make up is done for effect and to say something about the character and to fit in with the 'look' of the film (much like stylised sets and costume).
5. Movement
This refers to figures and animations and how they move and stand which can tell you a lot about a character.

How could a director show age through movement?

What sort of character might have a limp?

How might an evil character move?

What is a stereotypical stance for a hero?
Blocking and positioning
This refers to a character's position in a scene.

The bigger (the more prominent) a character is the more power they hold in the scene. Generally the audience's attention should be drawn to them.

You can also tell a lot about different character's relationships with each other
Look at the images below, what can you tell about the characters from their position in the scene
Visual effects
This refers to models, miniatures and computer generated imagery
What can you see?
Look at the next screen shot
It is an establishing shot, what does the mise-en-scéne tell you about the location?
Props: all adding to the nautical/sea theme of the film
The sea: caribbean location, pirates
Lots of blue colour: Connotations of sea, clam, cool
Now you have a go; Can you work out the genre?

Look at the following screen shots and note down all the mise-en-scene elements that give you information about the film
Here the game designers have made the setting look as realistic as possible
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