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No description

Ami Harada

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Refugee

Refugee Rights
-Protection from being forcibly returned to a country where they would be at risk of persecution.
-Protection from discrimination.
-Protection from penalties for illegal entry
-The right to work, housing and education
-The right to freedom of movement
-The right to identity and travel documents

Syrian Refugees
1 million
Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. (Population of Lebanon is
4 million
Refugee Protection

51.2 million
= 32,000 people/day

⇒First time in post WW2 era
Major source countries of refugees.
(1/3 of refugees are woman and children.)
Refugee child who take education in Lebanon is only
UNHCR try to promote and
provide legal and physical protection,

and minimize thread of violence.
They also seek to provide shelter, foods, water and medical care.
What can we do?
What can we do for refugees is really limited. I know I'm helpless, I cannot help them directly. However we can support them by supporting organization which is working for refugees by donation. Donation is the one of the way to help refugees.


3125015 Ami Harada
Thank you for listening.
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