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The Layers of the Atmosphere!

Meghan & Brett

Brett Francis

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Layers of the Atmosphere!

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Meghan Nolan & Brett Francis The Layers of the Atmosphere! Stratosphere The third layer of the atmosphere is the mesosphere. The mesosphere is located 50 to 80 km. The mesosphere temperature is about -90 degrees
Celsius, but the temperature can range to about -35 to about -90 degrees Celsius. The altitude for the mesosphere is about 80 kilometers. A natural phenomena in the mesosphere is meteroids burning up which make metoroid trail which from earth look like shooting stars. Mesosphere Thermosphere The Ionosphere is the outer edge of the Thermosphere. In the Ionosphere sun radiation is pulled apart as it travels earth's magnetic fields to the North and South Poles. Another thing that occurs in the Ionosphere is the northern lights or the aurora borealis. Ionosphere The Stratosphere is the 2nd layer of the atmosphere. The stratosphere starts at 10 km and goes to about 50 km. At the top of the stratosphere is the ozone layer, which fights off harmful rays from the sun. The top of the stratosphere is the hottest part of the stratosphere, the temperature range is the stratosphere is from -10 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius. The Stratosphere also contains a sub layer which is the ozone layer. The Ozone layer is a gas that mostly occurs in the stratosphere.The main role for the ozone layer is to shield us from the ultaviolet light (aka uv rays) light from the sun Troposphere The first layer of the atmosphere is the troposphere. Troposphere is the closest layer of the atmosphere to the earth it is about 12km. The temperature in the troposphere is about -60 degrees Celsius. The temperature can ranges to about 20 degrees Celsius -60 degrees Celsius. The altitude is about 12km. Natural phenomena in the troposphere is rain, snow storms, and most clouds. Man made objects in the troposphere are hot air balloons and weather balloons The last layer of the atmosphere is called the Thermosphere. The Thermosphere extends 50 to 90 miles above earth. Temperatures in the Thermosphere can reach up to 2000 degrees, but temperature range is from -120F to 80F plus. The Thermosphere has no definite out limit. Stratospause Stratospause is a transition zone. The stratospause is a boundary between stratosphere and the mesosphere . It is located at about 55km from the troposhere. the stratopause main role is too make boundary between the stratosphere and the mesosphere. The altitude is 45km lowest and 60 km maxium Exosphere The Exosphere is the layer that is farthest from the earth and extends 400km above the earth's surface. The air in the Exosphere is extremely thin. As you go higher into the Exosphere air temperature decreases. Phone calls and television pictures often reach you by way of communications satellites that orbit Earth in the exosphere. Tropopause The tropopause is a boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere. It phenomena is to fight of fast moving storms for example like the one near the tropical origin. Mesopause The mesopause seperates the mesphere from the thermosphere. The mesopause's hieght is 80-85 km. and the temperature ranges is from 90 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees+ Celsius.
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