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Italian Unification Major Events

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Anjali Nanda

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Italian Unification Major Events

Italian Unification Major Events
An Alliance with France
To the Italians, Austria was the biggest problem in the way of unification. After the Congress of Vienna, it controlled the Italian Provinces of Venetia and Lombardy in the North, and several small states. In order to fix that, the Prime Minister of Sardinia, Count Camilio di Cavour, persuaded Napoleon III, the emperor of France, to help drive Austria out of the Northern Provinces. After gaining his support, Cavour provoked a war against Austria.
The Provinces were Freed
The combined French-Sardinian army won two swift victories against Austria. Sardinia had succeeded in taking over all of northern Italy, except Venetia, from the Austrians.
Uniting the South
Cavour had successfully united parts of northern Italy, and contemplated doing the same to the south. He started secretly helping nationalist rebels in southern Italy, and a small army of Italian nationalists formed under the soldier, Giuseppe Garibaldi. Under Garibaldi, the army was able to capture Sicily and cross over to the Italian mainland, marching north from there. He was able to free most of Southern Italy.
Gaining Permission
After crossing over into the mainland, volunteers flocked to Garibaldi's banner. An election was held, and voters gave Garibaldi permission to unite the areas he conquered with the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia.
Unification of Northern and Southern Italy
Italy was finally able to unify under the King of Sardinia, Victor Emmanuel II. Even after this triumph, however, Italy still had a little more to do to gain back some territories.
Venetia and the Papal States
In 1866, Venetia was able to become part of Italy. The Papal States were taken over by Italian forces in 1870. Despite unification, there were many unsolved problems in Italy. These problems made Italy enter the 20th century as a poor country.
Camilio di Cavour
Napoleon III
Second Italian War of Independence
Giuseppe Garibaldi
King Victor Emmanuel II
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