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Dwayne Wade

No description

Jordyn Irons

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade attended Harold L. Richards High School.
Physical Attributes

Dwayne Wade has accomplished numerous things, including....
3 NBA Championships (2006,2012,2013), 2 appearances in the Olympic games (2004,2008),10 All-Star appearance, He has a shoe line called Way of the Wades, and he founded Wades World Foundation.
Dwayne Wade is 6'4 and
220 lbs. He was also named
the most stylish man in the
Dwayne Wade!!!
Dwayne Tyrone Wade Jr. was born January 17 ,1982. He was born in the south side of chicago.
Dwayne currently has two sons from a previous Marriage.
Dwanye is now in a committed relationship with actresss Gabriel Union
Early Life:
Wade grew up in Oaks Lawn.
He went on to attend Marquette University
Wade's parents Dwayne Sr. and Linda Wade divorced when he was younger.
Dwayne cites his older sister Tragil as one of the people who helped him go in the right directon.
Early Influences
Dwayne Wade came from barley getting playing time in the 10th grade to averaging 27 points and 11 rebounds in his senior year of High School. Even though Dwayne Wade is a mega superstar with his whole career ahead of him, he is still humble and always giving back to his community and setting a great example for the future athletes to come.
Current Comparisons
Jr Smith
Kobe Byrant
By: Tyler Green, Keith Heard, and Jordyn Irons
James Harden
Both driving abiltys are similar

Their shots are alike
They have similar body formats
Michael Jordan- Dwayne looked up to him when he was younger and made him want to become a great basketball player
Tragil Wade- His sister help him stay on the right path when he was younger and focus on the big picture.

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