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Sarah Emma Edmonds

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Transcript of Sarah Emma Edmonds

stop moving and write something
Sarah Emma Edmonds Sarah was a woman of the civil war era There were many strict laws against women during this era, including the restriction of being in the army. After Sarah ran away from home to escape a forced marriage. She then disguised herself as a man, Frank Thomas, and joined the union army. Women Soldiers and Why Sarah Edmonds
is Such an Inspiration Women at this time were not permitted to do any thing that would go against what they were believed to be (delicate and sensitive) The army, unlike today did not permit women to join. Women had to disguise themselves in order to serve.The only reason we know what we know is because when one women soldier was discovered, the press jumped on the scene. This women was our hero, Sarah. She had demostrate bravery, determination, and love. maddy Sarah volunteered to become a male nurse, but she was sent back to work with slaves. When talking to one of the confederate slaves she was ordered, by a confederate general,
to take the place of another soldier when that soldier fell. She then slipped away during
the night and brought information
back to the union side. Bravery to go against the grain. If she was caught she could be in a lot of trouble. determination: To preserve her way of life Love:for heR COUNTRY AND HER LIFE!!! Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of Interior is hereby, authorized and directed to place on the pension roll, the name of Sarah E. E. Seelye, alias Frank Thompson, who was late a private in Company E, Second Regiment of Michigan Infantry Volunteers, at the rate of twelve dollars per month. she did what she thought was right even though she broke the law and risked her life. A Quote From Congress releasing her and giving her the well earned money Sarah was abused as a young girl for not being born a boy. Needless to say she was raised as if she was a boy so she was an expert equestraian and shooter.
She then escaped from home and changed her name to Edmonds. She served as a nurse after she finished as a soldier She fought in Bull Run, Antietam, Fredricksburg, and other less known battles By Haley Leffin, Maddy Altenau, Michelle Kummer, and Jack Mahoney When she was a spy her disguises were either as a black man (slave) or as (ironically) a women named Bridget O' Shea Edmonds was constantly in the saddle, relaying messages and orders from headquarters to the front lines. Life in the military was tough for her, here is a quote she said after returning from a spy mission pretending to be a slave"my hands are blistered from my wrist to my finger ends." She was born in New brunswick she was always in danger, in danger of being cAught by her fellow army men, and by the enemy After the war she even petitioned for her pension and got it What She Accomplished During the War Sarah as a Man!!! EARLY LIFE After the War Sarah Emma Edmonds Inspired many with her bavery to help serve her country. Her life was constantly at risk and she didnt even have to be there. I know our group was inspired by her and I hope you guys will be too. Thank You THANK YOU FOR WATCHING
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