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Lewis and Clark

by kajshia

bruce goodwin

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Lewis and Clark

Lewis And Clark
Lewis and Clark, American explorer
by Kajshia Yang
Lewis and Clark chose men who knew how to lived in the wilderness to go with them.
Lewis and Clark want to explore around the world.
They led the expedition together.
Clark played an essential role in the development of the Missouri territory.

Early Life
IB Where In Place And Time
Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark explore parts of the western United States.
they both want to explore in the expedition.
They discussed the exploration of a land route to the pacific ocean.
He was born on the family's tobacco plantation in Virginia.
The expedition was due to the combined abilities of the two leaders.
Lewis fought against native Americans in the northwest territory.

They both born on August, but not on the same dates.
Lewis and Clark both want to be an explorer of an expedition because it is Intresting
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