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The Amazing Wonders of The Water Cycle!

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on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of The Amazing Wonders of The Water Cycle!

We worked really hard on this project, we researched and found a lot of information.We hope you enjoy our hard work!
Evaporation is when water from the oceans and lakes get turned into water vapor. This occurs when the sun hits the water.Evaporation helps the water cycle by making water vapor transport to the clouds.It also helps the water cycle because it is usually the first step of the water cycle.
Transpiration is when plants release water vapor to their stomatas. This occurs when groundwater goes through the roots of the plant.This helps the water cycle by adding something extra to release water vapor into clouds.
Precipitation is water that falls from the sky as rain,snow,sleet, or hail.This happens when the water in the clouds become to large to stay in the air.This helps the water cycle by releasing water back into the ocean.
Condensation is when gas turns into liquid again.This happens when the gas in the clouds gets cold.It is also like a storage for water.It helps the water cycle by turning the gas in the clouds into water!!!
The Amazing Wonders of The Water Cycle!
Water Changes Everyday !

Water on earth is always changing. The changes that the water makes,well makes the water cycle.The water cycle requires 6 stages.Those stages are: evaporation, transpiration,condensation, precipitation,run off, and ground water.So because of those 6 stages thats how water changes everyday!!!!!
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