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the pigeons of ww2

pigeons pigeons pigeons

Audrey Aberle

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of the pigeons of ww2

the pigeons of world war two Dickens Medal 32 pigeons awarded, more than any other animal white vision, winkie, tyke, beach comber, gustau to name a few Maria Dickens ribbon is brown, blue and green to represent the land, naval, and air force. Pigeon use in WW2 delivered messages 98% success rate had cameras straped to brests silent and fast other facts allied pigeons had red capsules falcons to intercept pigeons from reaching home G. I. Joe and White Vision the two most famous G.I. Joe-flew 20 miles in 20 mins.
bombers were taxing on runway
all men would have died White Vision- flew 60 miles with 25mph head winds and less than 100 meters of of visibility, heavy fog
contributed to the rescue of an air crew http://www.pdsa.org.uk/about-us/animal-bravery-awards/dickin-medal-pigeons www.animalsinwar.org/uk www.strangevehicals.greyfalcon.us www.Fbipigeon.com/pigeon facts.htm http://www.rpra.org/about-rpra/pigeons-in-war www.americainwwii.com www.itv.com.com www.pigeonexpressocoffie.com/famouspigeons. OF PIGEONS

BY: AUDREY ABERLE PICTURES G. I. Joe still receiving birds Receiving a bird Receiving a bird commander white vision pigeon with camera
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