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Argumentative essay

what is an argumentative essay?how is one written?

Charlene Thiessen

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of Argumentative essay

argument Definition course of reasoning aimed at
demonstrating truth or falsehood a claim supported by
reasons and evidence to
convince an audience a debate where both sides try to win courtroom where lawyers try to convince
a judge and jury people taking opposing views
and resolving a conflict one person trying to
convince an audience Essay Pick a topic censorship is sometimes
justified Americans have become
overly depentdent on technology all forms of government
welfare should be abolished Explore the issue free write what you know about the topic:
background information
own views
opinions from others brainstorm with others, getting view on both
sides of the issue, listing the pros and cons Focus express your point of view in
one sentence pick a point of view to support
Plan 3 or 4 points to support your
point of view gather evidence to support each point Write the essay Introduce topic and state your side Present both sides of the issue describe "other" side of the issue
present your side Restate your side as the most sensible one
in the summary paragraph Evidence statistics examples expert opinions ancedotes observations
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