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21st Century Teaching & Learning

Practical ways of supporting teachers...


on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of 21st Century Teaching & Learning

The Mission
Practical ways of supporting 21st century learning
To build a sustainable platform that supports the development of skills for life-long learning i.e. 21st century skills.

To develop an understanding of 21st century education needs

To successfully integrate these concepts into a traditional curriculum

To build capacity in order to support educators in a sustainable way

To continuously improve and grow to meet the requirements of a 21st century world
The Challenge
"A generation ago, teachers could expect that what they taught would last their students a lifetime."
"Today, because of rapid economic and social change,
schools have to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet been invented and problems that we don't yet know will arise."

(Andreas Schleicher)
Consists of 4 team members (Innovative teachers and IT support)
Meet regularly with educators/departments to determine curriculum needs around specific topics
Class visits
Provide practical advice, training and support
Conduct research where necessary
Assist with assessment (building and revising rubrics to accommodate 4 C's)
Peer coaching and mentoring
'Innovation' Team
1 year (revised annually)

Termly (11 weeks)
Evaluated at end of each term - interviews and marks
Evaluated annually through PIL Research tool

Innovation team meet every Wednesday
Timetabled departmental meetings with innovation team

Staff meetings
Scheduled professional development days at the beginning of each term (revisit and revise)

I-Team meet with department before each project
Research and devise action plan
Support, train and advise
Evaluate and measure through case studies and action research project
Improve where necessary
Professional development - setting individual goals and deadlines
Pairing of innovative teachers with more traditional teachers as part of peer coaching strategy
Teacher 'show 'n tell'
Parent exhibition days
Internal innovation competitions
Collaborative projects with other schools (local and international)
Extending learning beyond the classroom (integrated programmes)
Virtual Universities
Student-led projects and initiatives
The Plan
(Established through workshops with leadership and staff members)
(Allocation of appropriate resources)
(Implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement)
Discussion Topic:
How do you practically support 21st century learning in your school?

Our school vision
1. What?
2. Who?
3. When?
4. How?
Important questions...
(Time allocation)
Revising professional development strategy to integrate innovative teaching & learning practices

Relook incentives that reward innovative teachers
What's next...
Information gathered through:
SWOT analysis
Research around global trends and 21st century skills
PIL Research Report - June 2011
(What are our specific areas of improvement)
Examples of PIL Research findings:
Insufficient computer access for students
Teacher preparation time and support
Teacher development ("fuzziness around 21st century concepts")
"To instil the will in our girls to become values driven, life long learners and leaders who will continue to contribute to a just society and a sustainable world."
21st century
Other Innovation Strategies
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