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Battles of World War II

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meike kübi

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Battles of World War II

Battles of World War II
Battle of the Atlantic
September 1939 - May 1945
Atlantic, near Britain.
Britain declared war on Germany 'cause they tried to blockade shipping, and cutt off their lifeline of supplies from America. UK halted the German's U-boat operations.
Battle of Bulge
December 16, 1944
A major surprise German offensive launched through the densely forested Ardennes mountain region on the Western Front.the battle ended up being a decisive Allied victory, depleting an already weakened German army as both valuable reserves and equipment were lost.
Battle of the Coral Sea
May 1942, Coral Sea, near Australia
First sea battle in history. a Japanese invasion force succeeds in occupying Tulagi of the Solomon Islands in an expansion of Japan's defensive perimeter.

The Battle of Normandy , summer 1944
Twelve Allied nations provided fighting units that participated in the invasion. Two front war.
Paris was liberated on August 25
Battle of Guadalcanal
August 1942 - 1943
first major offensive and a decisive victory for the Allies in the Pacific theater.Japanese troops stationed in part of Solomon Islands, U.S. marines launched a surprise attack and took control of an air base under construction. Japan had lost two-thirds of their army.
Iwo Jima
February - March 1945
Japanese Islands
Iwo Jima was the only Marine battle where the American casualties, 26,000, exceeded the Japanese. The Marines lost 6,891 men killed and 18,070 wounded. Out of the 22,000 Japanese soldiers on the island, only 212 were taken prisoners.
Siege of Leningrad
September 1941 - 1944
lasted almost two and one-half years. troops completed their encirclement of the city.Hunger and cold became the city's greatest enemies. Food supplies were cut. Thousands of people died.
Battle of Leyte Gulf
October 1944
Second Battle of the Philippine Sea
was the largest novel battle. , the Allies waged an escalating bombing campaign against the Japanese home islands, finally forcing Japan's surrender in August 1945.
Battle of Midway
June 1942
In the pacific ocean.
This fleet engagement between U.S. and Japanese navies resulted from Japan’s desire to sink the American aircraft carriers that had escaped destruction at Pearl Harbor. The outcome of the Battle of Midway put Japans naval forces on the defensive.

Battle of Okinawa
started April1945 - May
largest sea- land air battle in history. One of the most bloodiest battles in WWII. The 10th Army, launched the invasion of Okinawa, a strategic Pacific island located midway between Japan and Formosa.
The Americans also lost 36 ships. 368 ships were also damaged. 763 aircraft were destroyed. The Japanese lost 16 ships sunk and over 4,000 aircraft were lost.
Battle of Sicily
Jul 10, 1943 - Jul 17, 1943
Operation Husky
The Allies air attacked Italy. Operation Husky was an success. The Allies lost more than 16,000 men and estimated that 164,000 Axis troops were either killed or taken prisoner.
Siege of Stalingrad
Winter 1942 - 1943
Was the turning point in WWII. Hitler attacked the Russians in Stalingrad. The Germans used "Blitzkrieg", but at the end the German Army failed and couldn't sustain the rough Russian winter.
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