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A summary of events

Tarald Røste

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Synopsis

Case file: Logicians
Who are the Logicians?
The Logicians are an alliance of heretic factions who have long been a thorn in the side of the Calixis and the nearby Ixaniad Sectors. Founded not around a single charismatic figure or dark religion, they find their inspiration in a forbidden heretical text called “In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse”, banned now for several millennia. The Logicians are a so-called “progressive” cult, they favour the advancement of mankind through progress and the acquisition of technology, believing that they should cast-off of the oppression of the Ministorum, overthrow of the High Lords of Terra and put an end to the smothering constraints of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Ultimately, the Logicians aim to bring about a return to the mythic power of the Dark Age of Technology. Finding adherents through a secret network of ruthless mercantile interests and power-hungry nobles, they are a haven for hereteks and rogue techpriests, and are highly organised and well resourced. Although no Daemonic force or apocalyptic agenda lies at their heart, the Logicians are still a phenomenally dangerous group, utterly callous in their pursuit of power and unceasing in the hunt for ever better weapons and tools by which to achieve their ends.
Known Operatives
+++ The Churgeon - Status: Active
A renegade Tech-Adept involved in heretical bio-tech research, she is believed to be experimenting to create a form of mind control mechanism designed to create the ultimate weapon, an army of directly controlled drones with which to sow chaos throughout the sector. Escaped from Inquisition agents during the cleansing of the Coscarla division (see case BI-12#/193B-815) to unknown whereabouts.

+++ Glenn Carper, aka: Marlon Daper - Status: Retired
Worked as a miner in the Shatters, then drafted into the Imperial Guard. Registered as Sergeant Carper, 125th Batallion Secundus. Minor transgressions prevented further promotion. Apprehended during the cleaning of the Corscala division, Hive Sibellus, Scintilla after Inquisition investigation BI-12#/193B-815. Recruited into the Logicians by an unknown woman who later became his wife. Audio recording of interrogation by Medica Interrogator Sand archived:
The Edge of Darkness
In Sibellus on Scintilla the Acolytes are introduced to Medica Interrogator Sand, who sends them on an assignment to investigate activities in the Coscarla Division by a dangerous cult known as the Logicians
The investigation leads to the exposure of the cults activities, and a rounding up of their operation. Unfortunately, the leader of the operation escaped in the firefight. This Churgeon is still at large
+++ Innocence Proves Nothing +++
Rejoice for You are True
The Acolytes are sent undercover in the upper echelons of Sibellus, to investigate the disappearance of several people connected to a new cult of the Imperial Creed called The Joyous Choir. Little is known about this cult, but preliminary investigations have turned up devices of advanced technology, that is not of Imperial origin.
The Joyous Choir
Case file: The Joyous Choir
The investigation reveals that the Choir is but a front for a sinister operation, named the Serrated Query, which finds and abducts people with psychic potential for unknown reasons. One byproduct of this processing is the drug Farcosia, which is widely used by the cult and popular amongst the young elite.

After tracking the cults operations to Ambulon, the Inquisition moved in and terminated all proceedings.
Shades of Twilight
The Acolytes are sent to investigate the distress signal sent from long lost (and believed dead) deamonhunter Adorjin, sent from deep within a hulk that has emerged on a collision course with Scintilla. Their task: to learn her fate and if possible to retrieve her holy weapon, The Luminous Reproach, before Battlefleet Calixis are forced to destroy the hulk.
A Space Hulk named Twilight
It turns out that Adorjin was also in possession of a copy of the Liber Daemonica, containing much of Ordo Malleus and the Grey Knights knowlegde of the Deamonic and potentially very dangerous in the wrong hands. The Dark Eldar are also after this item, and aided by the Serrated Query they launch an assault on Twilight and the Acolytes to get it.
The Acolytes are accompanied by Brother-Sergeant Agamorr of the Deathwatch, the militant arm of Ordo Xenos. Comprised of elite Space Marines from all chapters of the Adeptus Astartes they form kill teams when dealing with exceptional threats, or are assigned individually to Inquisitors as needed.

Agamorr is a full battle brother of the Hammers of Retribution, and was seconded to the Deathwatch for a ten-year tour of duty some thirty years ago.
Case file: The Serrated Query
The Missing Scholar
Baron Hopes
Mutants are casuing havoc at The Harrow, a mine segment on Sepheris Secundus. They are calling themselves The Broken Chains, and are using some sort of Warp tech to create horrific explosions killing thousands and casusing great disruption to the ore production.
A House Divided
+Synopsis: Interrogator Sand wants you to investigate the death of Savant Skyle, an old friend and senior staff of Inquisitor Zerbe. The Inquisition routinely investigates deaths "in the family", and have found nothing strange. Yet Sand has "a bad feeling about this". It's probably nothing, but... as unknown agents you might learn of information hidden from the more overt investigation?
+Leads and Factoids: Skyle was murdered. Poisoned by a compound poison delivered through different mediums; ink stains on his fingers and food residue in his stomach combines to form an almost undetectable agent. The food was ‘treated’ locally, at the local marked. The ink was a specialty import, traced to a production facility at Sophano Secundus. The local importer is one Ramon Ortiz, who operates a warehouse by the Tarsus Space Port. No evidence of local tampering found here.
+ Who administered the agent to the food sold at the market in Sibellus?
+ Has the ink been rebottled somewhere? At Tarsus? At Scintilla Prime? In Transit? Or at
the production facility?
+ Learn the identity and location of Skyles killers
The House of
Dust and Ash
Quia hoc est testamentum quod disponam domui Israel post dies illos, dicit Dominus: dando leges meas in mentem eorum, et in corde eorum superscribam eas: et ero eis in Deum, et ipsi erunt mihi in populum
Idyll Heresies
Quia hoc est testamentum quod disponam domui Israel post dies illos, dicit Dominus: dando leges meas in mentem eorum, et in corde eorum superscribam eas: et ero eis in Deum, et ipsi erunt mihi in populum
Take Heed
The Shortlist of ships from 41 Pry resulted in the identification of Capt. Fordwell of the Credibility Problem as the responsible party for transporting the Schollars and Xeno artifacts from 41 Pry. After dealing some information, the Acolytes learn that the destination was Heed, more specifically a research outpost in orbit around this dead world.

The outpost was abandoned and unpowered, and investigations suggested some warp presence or catastrphy had occoured. It is also apparant that some very interesting research took place here, including work on intersystem teleportation.
A Little help from My Friends
Judge Quiana Deculus, Arbites Senoris, has a problem. The problem is that her boss, Lord Justicium Licinius Fleak, is involved in matters he shouldn't be. She believes him to be diverting Tithe in collaboration with Malfi's nominal ruler Eminence Glydus Matriarch and Senior Lex Magister Laertes Kominski.

Problem is, there is no way to prove it, and there is no way of knowing who is involved. Any attempts made by Deculus to investigate the matter, no matter how discreetly, have failed, and now she is beginning to see maneuvers made to have her replaced (gotten rid of).

Normal procedure in such a situation would be to report the matter to Arbites Sub-Sector operations, or even to Officium Sectoris as she is unsure just how far the conspiracy reaches), but she fears that even if she should manage to reach a believing ear when going outside the chain of command in such a manner, word will definately reach the conspirators. Even if legal action is taken, she doubts it will get through the courts in her own lifetime. (And besides, should everything by some miracle succeed, it would still be seen as a failure on her part by not keeping her own house in control)

Malfi being the hotbed of intrigue and plotting that it is, she does not know who to trust. There is obviously a leak in her own organisation, and her other creative attempts has failed. So when Zerbe offered to help, she gladly accepted.
A Hole where a Book should Be
There are 78,000,000,899 books on Dewdrop (at last census 97 years ago), spread out over 1000’s of planetary libraries (many public leasing libraries), but controlled through a central cogitation system (the ‘catalogue’, referred to as ‘Felix’ (the cat’).

A single book has gone missing for the first time in 347 years. This is a disaster, as this will be seen as systemic failure and will be seized upon by Grigorius’ factional opponents.
The shatters
Enroute to Scintilla the Acolytes are rerouted to Sephiris Secundus to investigate reports of cultist activities in the Gorgonoid mines.

A quick investigation reveals a warp presence that disturbs the minds of the workers. The Acolutes successfully destroy the physical presence of the disturbance, thus ending the disturbance to vital ore production
Case file: The Broken Chains
20 years ago Baron Ulbrexis formed the Broken Chains to disrupt the mining operations on Sepheris Secundus in order to bring harsh Imperial attention to the abusive practices on the planet. The cult eventually fell under the combined pressures of Arbites persecution and internal strife.

Now the cult has risen again, under leadership of Assod Morirr (who was believed dead) and with a more brutal approach. Ordo investigations uncovered links between the Chains and the Serrated Query, allthough it would seem the relationship turned sour.

The cult has been purged following Ordo action in 815.M41
Planetary Data:
Population: 25 billion.
Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis.
Geography: Climate temperate with extensive equatorial deserts. Three main continents—–mountainous/volcanic southern polar cap, equatorial crescent deserts/jungle (Hive Tarsus, Hive Tenebra [extinct]), northern temperate landmass (Hive Sibellus, Ambulon, Gunmetal City). Remainder of planetary surface covered in ocean (heavily polluted, severely depleted fish stocks). Two moons (Sothus and Lachesis). Orbital docks geostationary above Hive Tarsus.
Government Type: Adeptus Terra.
Planetary Governor: Sector Governor Marius Hax.
Adept Presence: Adeptus Terra, Administratum (Goldenhand Consular Taskforce), Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica (Astropathic Choir at Hive Sibellus), Adeptus Arbites, Ordos of the Calixian Conclave High Council Officio (palace headquarters at Hive Sibellus).
Military: Army of the Scintillan Protectorate (medium/high quality force, based at Hive Tarsus).
Trade: Scintilla is a major exporter of manufactured goods including ship-drive components and weaponry. It is also an important source of manpower, with a large planetary defence force (PDF) and a huge underhive population, both of which make for excellent Imperial Guard recruit sources. Scintilla cannot support itself and requires massive imports of food from the Calixis Sector’s agri-worlds.
Hive Tarsus
Hive Sibellus
Hive Tenebra
Sepheris Secundus
Planetary Data
Population: 12 billion.
Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis.
Geography: Planet-wide overcontinent, small polar oceans. Mountainous, forested, extensive areas of open mine workings. Arctic climate, atmosphere moisture-laden and blizzards constant. Three moons, none inhabited.
Government Type: Feudal monarchy.
Planetary Governor: Queen Lachryma III.
Adept Presence: Very low. Some Adeptus Ministorum clergy, Adeptus Arbites Precinct-Fortress.
Military: Royal Scourges, Baronial armies, noble private armies. Poor/medium quality.
Trade: Sepheris Secundus is the largest exporting planet in the Calixis Sector. Without its massive exports of ore, metals and fuel, the trade of the Calixis Sector could not function. Sepheris Secundus relies on imports of food from the sector’s agri-worlds. Its vast population makes it a potential supplier of Imperial Guard recruits, although a relatively small proportion of the population would be suitable because of universally poor health, along with the risk of exposing the subjugated masses to the possibility of life outside the mines.
Sepheris Secundus is a world of immense mineral wealth, city-sized mines, billions-strong hordes of serfs and the sharpest divide between the elites and the masses in the Calixis Sector. It is a grim place of snow and twilight, feral mutants and lives spent in back-breaking labour deep beneath the ground. The Imperium’s eagerness to exploit Sepheris Secundus’s vast resources is such that the planet is at the same time the richest and poorest world in the sector.
Sepheris Secundus’s climate is cold and stormy, its surface obscured by a mantle of cloud. It has no oceans save for the small polar seas, so the moisture in its atmosphere comes from below the crust, spewed out from failed mine workings or natural geysers that pockmark the planet like pustules. Its surface is split between the vast open mines like deep scars in the crust and the dense, snow-laden forests broken only by the ruins of failed kingdoms that tried to claim Sepheris Secundus in the past. With its endless blizzards, widespread ignorance
and antiquated methods for doing everything, Sepheris Secundus would be a meaningless backwater were it not for the enormous mineral wealth beneath its surface.
The Gorgonoid Mines
"There is no such thing as a plea of innocence in my court. A plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time. Guilty.
- Inquisitor Lord Karamazov, Ordo Hereticus"

Planetary Data
Population: 5 billion (estimated).
Tithe Grade: Exactus Median.
Geography: Four main continents and extensive island chains. Only
the largest continent is populated (mountainous/rocky, dense southern
forests. Largely arid climate with frequent dust storms). Very few sources of fresh water.
Government Type: None/Tribal.
Planetary Governor: Vervai (“King”) Skull.
Adept Presence: Very low. Adepta Sororitas (Commandery at the Abbey of the Dawn), Administratum (Port Suffering).
Military: Massive armies in service of warlords. Large mercenary presence.
Trade: Iocanthos’s only meaningful export is Ghostfire pollen. The Ghostfire harvest is essential to the existence of
Hive Primus
Planetary Data
This hive world, eight hundred days standard from Scintilla, is
the main population and manufacturing focal of the rimward
territories of the sector. Malfi is a semitropical, gloomy world of
overbuilt hives and habitation ledges. Its population approaches
that of Scintilla and it subsists on its engineering and metalwork
industries. The population of Malfi has a grudge: they believe
that Malfi should be the sector capital world and venomously
protest the supremacy of Scintilla.
The Fathomsound Mines
The Lathes
41 Pry
Pry is a gas giant, with a dingy Imperial station in orbit. Barely operational, and mostly forgotten by respectable merchant fleets. The station (named 41 Pry) is a famous supply point and a seat of illegal activity. It is not a place to venture into lightly, and it is best to keep one hand on your pistol and the other on your geltbag. Ghostfire pollen from Iocanthus is available here, at a price, if you know who to talk to. If you dont, such questions will get you killed rather swiftly.
A new cathedral to the God Emperor of Man is ready to be consecrated on Iocanthos. The Acolytes are sent to aid and protect Aristarcus, a Seer in the employ of Lord Inquisitor Zerbe, who is to play an important part in the ceremony.
It transpires that Aristarcus was lured to Iocanthus to play the part of a sacrifice in an attempt to summon The Crow Father, a deamon of the Warp into the material realm.

Decisive action by Ordo servants prevented this travesty, and secured the further uninterrupted production of Ghostflower on Iocanthos.
Administratum world, ruled by Director Nazianzus Grigorius. Dedicated to archival of Administratum records it is a tranquil place mostly populated by various Adepts and bonded workers
Planetary briefing:
Case file: The Haarlock Dynasty
The Haarlock Warrant
ID Files
[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 7.649.816.M41
Savant Antoninius Briehl]
Miles and Trevor opened the gateway again today. Passing a pict-probe through the black surface resulted in lost pict-transmission, but after a delay of about 5 minutes the pict-probe appeared through the terminus on the surface below. Inspection of the probes integral pictstore reveals a blank over the whole interval where the probe was in transit. 536 metres of nano-wire was 'inside' as the probe emerged.

[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 2.731.816.M41
Savant Antoninius Briehl]
36 attempts have been made to glean insight into the state or nature of the 'between' termini. Nothing has been learned. No records are transmitted from within, and nothing is stored. 3 days ago we sent a servitor through, and have been inspecting its biological neuro-transmitters and psynaptic cortex through biosynthetic scanning and with the help of our resident wyrd, Dr. Steimer. Apart from signs of above-average strain, nothing was learned. We will be sending in our first human test-subjects tomorrow.

[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 5.735.816.M41
Savant Antoninius Briehl]
Test subjects entered the terminus on our side, but after just a few moments ceased all movement and had to be retrieved by umbilical. No sign of physical damage, but both subjects are in a catatonic state and are not responding to stimuli.

[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 2.751.816.M41
Savant Antoninius Briehl]
The test subjects woke up today, and presently lapsed into severe attacks of hysteria. In the end we had to sedate them with extreme amounts of D-34, and I wonder if we will ever get a sane word out of either of them. Second batch of test subjects being sent in as I write these words.

[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 8.759.816.M41
Savant Antoninius Briehl]
Second round of test subjects was a failure. Exact same results as first attempt. An unexpected development, however, as Dr. Schneider insisted upon joining the experiment. "Can't leave important matters of scientific examination to those without the proper faculties to understand them" or something. While I admire his dedication to the cause, I can't help but wonder if his actions are a little misguided. We shall see if it was worth the risk when he wakes up.
[Memoria mechanicus :: signo temporis 1.778.816.M41
Adept Zimmerwahrt]
It would seem Steimer has gone of on some research on his own. He was nowhere to be found this morning, but his still glowing lho-sticks were left in their tray at the lab. Why he would voluntarily go in there after the limited success we've had with the other subjects so far is beyond me.

[Memoria mechanicus :: signo temporis 3.785.816.M41
Adept Zimmerwahrt]
Steimer is back, but from where is anybody’s guess. He seems lucid enough, but distant somehow. Driven. He keeps muttering something about miscalculated coordinates, insufficient correction for planetary gravitation. Not my field, but the experts are all shaking their heads, claiming to have triple and quadruple checked all their calculations. Who knows, but this is the closest thing we've had to a breakthrough since we got the gateway open in the first place. We’ll se tomorrow if he is right.
[Memoria mechanicus :: signo temporis 2.770.816.M41
Medicae Freider]
Terra, what is happening, here? Schneider was rescued (sort of) today as he attempted to flush himself out a void-lock. He is severely damaged, and restrained in medicae lab 16 awaiting the arrival of Churgeon Ajoku from planetside. At the same time test-subject 13 has woken from his coma-trance, and promptly tore his eyes out in a hysteric fit of laughter and mumbling nonsense in some unknown tongue

[Memoria mechanicus :: signo temporis 4.779.816.M41
Medicae Freider]
Steimer went through the portal, alone. The others just shrug, and seem mostly annoyed that he didn’t follow proper procedure for logging and documenting his experiment. Am I the only one in here who seem to think this perseverance as insanity?

[Memoria mechanicus :: signo temporis 9.786.816.M41
Medicae Freider]
I found a reference to the strange words spoken by test-subject 13 in one of the books Laurentz has compiled on the research of the Sing. It's High Gothic translation is something like liberate tutemet ex inferis. Save yourselves from hell.... And yet Steimer wants to go back.
[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 780.816.M41
Savant Probus Mojaris]
Sure, it is never pleasant to experience setbacks, but remember that through strife do we ever grow and learn. We all knew there would be difficulties to be overcome, and that sacrifices would have to be made.

Recent events are no exception, and not really of significant consequence either. How do you think the first experimental test-flights with Warp drives went? What with no Gellar fields to protect the crew? Imagine of their setbacks led them to abandon work on the project! Where would Man be today if we never learned to journey through the Warp? Decades to reach our neighbors inside sub-sectors? Transport of food would be impossible, military support unfeasible. The Imperium could not survive, perpetually over extended. No power structure could! We would be a scattered collection of petty tribes, feuding over resources and territory. Easy pickings for Orks, Eldar reavers or worse!

No my friend, conquering the Warp enabled us to spread amongst the stars, and was the greatest achievement of Man ever made! The heroic perseverance of the adepts working staunchly in the face of failure and the malefic effects of the Warp upon them and their test-subjects.

And now we are poised for the greatest discovery since that time! Our dedication and commitment must be similarly great.
[Memoria mechanicus :: signo temporis 1.726.816.M41
Chryosinist Steimer]
Dreamt of Minorva again last night. It's been 7 years, now, and I really thought I was over that... But I seem to dream of little else these days, and these thoughts distract me in my work also. On that note, there seems to be no progress with the probes. It can't be much longer before we proceed with live subjects.

[Memoria mechanicus :: signo temporis 5.757.816.M41
Chryosinist Steimer]
The dreams are getting more and more intense. I see her death again and again. I know that it wasn't my fault, but I still can't help feeling responsible. She calls to me in my sleep, even as her eyes bleed and flesh shrivels, she calls to me.

[Memoria mechanicus :: signo temporis 4.775.816.M41
Chryosinist Steimer]
I cannot stay away any longer, I must go to her. Perhaps it is not too late to save her, and if not... well, I must be with her again.
[Voxslate :: signo temporis 729.815.M41
Capsa scientia of Savant Ignacia Bonsell]

I am pleased that you feel you are making progress with the Sing-gates, but forgive me if I do not share in your elation just yet. I am a practical man, and I believe in practical results. I know your goals are more academically inclined than mine, and while I certainly see the value of keeping food and resources flowing smoothly across subsectors, or even sectors, I do not think you fully realize the military capabilities of this technology!

Imagine legions of the Guard unleashed upon our enemies, countless regiments arriving on location without the limitations of the Navy’s capacity for transportations. Distance and state of the Warp no matter of importance… Think of it man! The Imperium would be unstoppable! We would finally be able to smash all His enemies with the Hammer of the Emperor, and we might even find we have the right caliber ammunition available for our guns, and not have to endure while they are shipped to the wrong sector.

By all means, push whatever buttons gets you juiced up, but know that the fate of the galaxy depends on your success. No pressure.
- General M.
[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 580.816.M41
Savant Mandrillen]
The results of the cellular regenerator are encouraging. The theory of neural path dynamics has proven itself well suited to practical application in neurolinked nuclei transmogrification, and we now have stable, repeated success in organ regrowth without need of VAT chambers, surgery or other invasive procedures. Of course, all Gaelos seems to care about is his member. Fine, I accept that we all have different motivations, and we all work towards the same goal, but how that man ever came to be recruited is beyond me.
Mighty Emperor, spread your Divine Light to protect me from the Darkness
Planetary Data:
Heed is a dead world, and a battle site of Angevins Crusade. It is renowned for the noxious firestorms that ravage its surface.

The Judge
The Acolytes must establish a covert presence on Malfi, investigate matters of sensitive natures amongst the elite of the planet. It's all in a days work for the Emperors Finest.
Hive Sibellus is the oldest city on Scintilla, almost certainly predating Angevin’s invasions. Its immense, eight thousand kilometre-wide bulk dominates the coastal plains and lowlands of the northern temperate landmass. Where its enormous, multi-layered skirts touch the coast itself - in a five hundred kilometre belt - they spill out over the black granite cliffs like shelves or glacial ridges. Sibellus has twice the population of its “twin” Hive Tarsus.
Gunmetal City
Hive Tarsus is Scintilla’s second largest population centre and is the seat of the planet’s trade and commerce. It maintains an aggressive independence from Hive Sibellus, though it relies on the export produce of Sibellus’s manufactories.
Hive Tarsus is in the centre of Scintilla’s least hospitable desert, baking in the relentless sun and battered by sandstorms. The hive’s construction is based around a foundation of immense vertical bars, between which stretch the great conglomerations of buildings that make up the body of the hive. As a result, Hive Tarsus is more vertical than horizontal, with more middle hivers climbing to work than walking.
Ambulon is a bizarre sight indeed, claimed by many to be a hive in its own right. The entire city is mounted on the back of a machine that slowly walks across the unstable rocky regions in the centre of Scintilla’s main continent. The machine is extremely old, and was almost certainly already on Scintilla when the Imperium conquered the Calixis Sector. It is probably a pre-Imperial artefact, constructed by a civilisation that fell before the foundation of the Imperium, though some claim it is a relic of pre-Heresy terraforming technologies. Certainly the skeletal ruins of moving constructs similar to Ambulon dot the central steppes. Ambulon’s unusual form affects every aspect of life in the city, from the industries that employ its middle-class citizens to the city’s customs and folklore.
Gunmetal City is a huge industrial mass, built into the crater of an immense volcano, Mount Thollos, that rises from the smouldering lava fields of the northern coast. A mere megapolis compared to the planet’s two great hives, Gunmetal City’s spires tower high above the volcano’s peak, while its lowest districts delve right down into Scintilla’s crust.
The most extraordinary feature of the Wilderness is the ruin of Hive Tenebra. This necropolis was once the heart of Scintilla’s high culture and arts, built around a circle of stepped pyramids rising like enormous altars from the steaming jungles of Scintilla’s equator. The hive is now a titanic mass of wreckage gradually being reclaimed by the voracious jungle. The disaster that claimed Hive Tenebra along with millions of lives happened over eight centuries ago, and is thought by most to have been caused by a collapse of the geothermal heatsinks that provided it with power. There is no shortage of conspiracy theories about what “really” happened to the hive, however, ranging from ill-advised summonings of warp creatures to a deliberate act of sabotage by agents of the Imperium. Tales about its destruction are outnumbered only by stories about what might lurk in the ruins now: ravenous monsters, renegade nobles and hordes of hideous mutants ruled by a mighty deformed overlord. No one ventures close to Hive Tenebra with any regularity, and when they do they rarely penetrate into the collapsed interior of the hive where the foulest horrors are said to lurk.
The Tyrantine Cabal is based at the Bastion Serpentis, a bleak fortress of age-polished black stone jutting from the surface of Scintilla’s moon Lachesis. The Bastion is typical of the Inquisition waystations and local fortresses peppered across the sector. The Spectarians were granted sole discretionary use of the Bastion Serpentis at the inception of their cabal. Lord Sector Hax, Chief Astropath Xiao and a few others know of its existence, and those who do not are kept away from the moon by dire warnings about geological instability.
Scintilla Prime
Above Port Tarsus, in a geosync orbit, hangs Scintilla Prime - The Orbital Docking Station of Scintilla. The main purpose of this enourmous construct, is to serve as hub for the huge amount of goods that is imported or exported each day from Scintilla. The Docking Station has shipyards, refeneries and other heavy industries and, of course, an Imperial Navy attachment.
Xenotype: The Slaught
Perhaps one of the vilest xenos races known to exist, the Slaugth are terrible and monstrous beings steeped in evil with whom only the most depraved or utterly desperate have dealings. Considered Largely mythical by most that have heard of them, they are named in a few scattered tales as the Maggot Men, Dream Eaters or Carrion Masters, but aside from a few wary Rogue Traders and superstitious starfarers, few take the nightmarish legends seriously. The Inquisition, however, knows better. The Ordo Xenos has numerous documented cases of encounters with these mysterious honors down the millennia, and many atrocities can be laid at their door.
Maggots in The Meat
The Acolytes are sent to Acreage to investigate a series of unnatural attacks on the citizens of the city of Olrankan.

Once on Acreage a thourogh investigation results in the development of a solid relationship with the locals. More specifically, Arbitrator Aurelius marries the daughter and heir of a local loom proprietor while inquiring into "the family business"
The investigation uncovered that the attacks had been carried out by a terrible xeno race known as The Slaught.

Decicive action by Ordo personell resulted in termination with extreme prejudice of all Xeno specimens and an end to their operations on Acreage. More worryingly, it also uncovered evidence of further Slaught activity in the Calixis sector...
Xenotype: Dark Eldar
This entire corrupt race lives for the moments in which they can inflict misery and death upon others, the more acute or exquisite, the better. Groups of Dark Eldar regularly commit piracy within the Calixis Sector, stealing crew and passengers for terrible tortures for amusement and slave labour
The Tricorn Palace
The Lucid Palace
Hive Sibellus’ most extraordinary single landmark is the Lucid Palace, which houses the magnificent court of Sector Governor Marius Hax. The Lucid Palace, and the vast column rising from the waves on which it sits, is thought to be much older than Hive Sibellus or indeed, anything on Scintilla. The palace resembles a vast flower of stone, its granite petals overlapping to form its huge dome and the many archways used as entrances. The palace is draped with hundreds of banners representing the institutions of Scintilla and its noble houses, and having a banner fluttering from the palace dome is an honour that some will murder for.
The other most notable landmark in the hive is the Tricorn, the palace of the Inquisition. A dark and austere trio of linked towers at the northern end of the hive sprawl, the palace is the headquarters of the High Council of the Calixian Conclave, which is to say that it is the administrative seat of the Inquisition in the sector. Since earliest times, the Inquisition has often convened and empowered a conclave of its members for each sector of the Imperium. Each sector conclave is ruled by a Lord Inquisitor of unimpeachable merit, selected and appointed by the High Lords of the Inquisition on Terra. For the past two hundred years, the Lord Inquisitor of the Calixian Conclave has been Aegult Caidin. Though respectful of the Lord Sector, Caidin answers to no one except the distant High Lords. From the Tricorn Palace, he supervises and directs the general policies and activities of the Inquisitors under his command, as well as individual specialist cabals of Inquisitors sent upon “special circumstance” missions.
"An ancient group of cut-throat black marketeers, willing to deal in any commodity as long as there is profit to be had. Some whisper that they're in league with the Ruinous Powers. Their symbol resembles a hooked sickle, a question mark formed from a blade."
What is the Serrated Query?
"He has no name that we've ever heard, but he is called the Faceless One. Rumour holds that the Imperium destroyed his homeworld long, long ago."
Who is the master of the Serrated Query?
- The Oracle Occular
Contacts and Allies
The Adeptus Mechanicus
(The Priesthood of Mars, Tech-Priests)
The domains of the Adepts of Mars exist semi-autonomously within the Imperium, an empire within an empire, a right given to them by the Emperor Himself at the very dawn of recorded history. They are the guardians of technology, the magi of machinery. It is theirs alone to know how to coax forth the life of a sun in a plasma containment field, how best to apply the blessings of activation and maintenance to the massive Titan war machines, how to ensure that the engines of the Emperor’s starships run smooth and true. The Adepts of Mars worship the Emperor in the guise of the Machine God. To them, mankind is in a fallen state that was at the height of its powers during the Dark Age of Technology, when the secrets of the universe were known to all. Knowledge then, lies in the past and the Adeptus Mechanicus will go to any lengths to uncover the great secrets of antiquity, scouring the universe for any scrap of information from their holy book—the Standard Template Construct system. They hold that, were the STC to be restored in full, it would reveal all of the powers of the hallowed past.
Power structures of the Imperium of Mankind
The Adeptus Terra
The priesthood which serves the Lord of humanity is often
referred to as “the right hand of the Emperor”. It falls to the
Adeptus Terra to interpret His will and minister to the Imperium.
Many hundreds of thousands of souls labour across the galaxy
to serve this vast organisation. There are numerous ancient
institutions that make up the priesthood, each with various
names on various planets. These varying Adepta, as they are
traditionally known, each have a specific function to carry out
in the Emperor’s name.

The Adeptus Astra Telepathica
(The Astropaths, Psykers)
Blessed are the blind, for they have looked upon the glorious light of the Emperor directly and no true servant of the Golden Throne could ask for more. Through the agonising ritual of soul-binding, these psykers have been gifted with a small portion of the Emperor’s incredible will. Thus protected from the worst evils of predation by warp entities, these unseeing servants of Terra can fulfil their primary function, preserving communication between the far-flung worlds of the Imperium.
The Adeptus Arbites
(The Judges, Lawgivers)
The Adeptus Arbites are the watchers of the law. It is given to them to maintain order amongst the higher echelons of Imperial governance - wherever a planetary governor seeks to abuse his rule, wherever populist unrest seeks to unseat the rightful dominion of the Imperium, wherever thoughts of personal gain at the Emperor’s expense cross the minds of the ruling classes, there you will find the dogged agents of the Lawgivers.
The Adeptus Astronomica
(The Beacon, The Light of The Emperor, The Ward of Man)
The Black Ships bring thousands of psykers daily to the birthplace of man and many of those so tithed find themselves contributing to the vast psychic choir of the Astronomican. This steady beacon burns bright in the warp; it is the Emperor’s will manifest, shining from Holy Terra, and guides Navigators across the Imperium. The process of lending their psychic power to focus the beam quickly leaves the choristers as lifeless husks, but they give themselves willingly, for without the Astronomican the Imperium would cease to exist.
The Adeptus Administratum
(The Scriptists, The Enumerators)
The huge Administratum sees to the running of the Imperium. Needless to say, its servants are legion. At the will of the Adeptus Terra, the Administratum collects the Imperial tithe, sends out colonists, mobilises the military, catalogues planets and much, much more. Truly stultifying levels of bureaucracy exist within the Administratum and some wayward souls believe that the Imperium survives despite, rather than because of, its efforts. The Administratum has become synonymous with the Adeptus Terra in many places and, incorrectly, the terms are often used interchangeably. The faceless servants of the Administratum can be found all over the Imperium, ensuring that all things are accomplished in the correct manner, even if that may take a thousand years.
The Adeptus Ministorum
The Ecclesiarchy, Cult
Imperialis, Ministorum)
The Adeptus Ministorum is not formally part of the Adeptus Terra. Rather it is a sister organisation which works hand-in-glove with the servants of Earth. The Adeptus Ministorum derives its power and authority from the common belief in the Emperor’s divinity. Also known as the Ecclesiarchy, after its chief high priest, the Ecclesiarch, the Adeptus Ministorum is vast and powerful. Its duty is to guide and interpret the innumerable ways that humanity has found to worship the Emperor, shepherding the myriad worlds of man along the unsteady path that lies between heresy and true devotion. Whole worlds lie within its administration and on many others still they are the most powerful Imperial institution. Like the Administratum, the Ecclesiarchy is a complex and byzantine organisation. A bewildering hierarchy of priests, confessors, cardinals, novices, clerics, bishops and missionaries all owe fealty to the Ecclesiarch in his palace on Earth. Just as varied are the various roles within the Ministorum, from wandering missionaries, to charismatic preachers and theosophical scholars. Two of the most famous institutions within the Adeptus Ministorum are the training orphanages of the Schola Progenium and the battle-sisters of the Adepta Sororitas.
The Inquisition
As organisation which works hand-in-glove with the servants of Earth. The Adeptus Ministorum derives its power and authority from the common belief in the Emperor’s divinity. Also known as the Ecclesiarchy, after its chief high priest, the Ecclesiarch, the Adeptus Ministorum is vast and powerful. Its duty is to guide and interpret the innumerable ways that humanity has found to worship the Emperor, shepherding the myriad worlds of man along the unsteady path that lies between heresy and true devotion. Whole worlds lie within its administration and on many others still they are the most powerful Imperial institution. Like the Administratum, the Ecclesiarchy is a complex and byzantine organisation. A bewildering hierarchy of priests, confessors, cardinals, novices, clerics, bishops and missionaries all owe fealty to the Ecclesiarch in his palace on Earth. Just as varied are the various roles within the Ministorum, from wandering missionaries, to charismatic preachers and theosophical scholars. Two of the most famous institutions within the Adeptus Ministorum are the training orphanages of the Schola Progenium and the battle-sisters of the Adepta Sororitas.
The Great Ordos of the Inquisition
The great ordos are the principal means by which the Inquisition organises itself, and most Inquisitors belong to one of them. The ordos are groups given over to rooting out a particular threat against mankind. With millennia of specialisation, each has become a sharply honed weapon with which to excise those that would seek to move against mankind.
Adepta Sorotitas
Sisters of Battle
Nuns with Guns ...
Fighting the Heretics and Psykers
Fighting the Deamons
The Grey Knights
Psyker Marines with no memory
The Deathwatch
The best of the Best
An Imperial backwater, it lies in the sub-sector of Josian Reach, connected to the rest of the Calixis Sector by a few tenuous shipping routes. However, it is firmly under Imperial rule and provides its Imperial tithe in the form of raw materials and manpower. Sending ores to build the Emperors battleships and men to fill His armies. For most of the citizens of Acreage, the Emperor and the Imperium are merely another set of masters. The inhabitants would seldom think to raise their heads from their daily toil, whether it be in the gruel fields or the sky-mills, to contemplate what lies far beyond the bounds of their world.
Emperors Island
Planetary Data
Strophes ask for a personal favour,
look into the disappearance of an
old friend at the Scholam
Magnopticon at Ambulon,
Dr. Laurentz, whose unexplained
disappearance is worrying. His
personals are still in his office,
and will be recycled unless
collected by next of kin or
other authorized personel.
Laurentz has none, but as an old friend Strophes want to collect, but cannot. He really wants to know what has happened to his old friend, but the Scholam Authorities are not forthcoming with info. Stonewalling, they will not let him inspect belongings, claiming nothing warrants undue attention. (This is strange, as they more or less accept him as dead and plan to reallocate his office).
At Ambulon:
At Sibellus:
At Tarsus:
At 41 Pry:
A little investigation revealed that Dr. Laurentzs peers include noted xenoarheologist Dr. Ralphus Streng at the Departmentum Historicana Galactica at Progunum Scholana Scintilla.
Dr. Ralphus Streng was found dead in his home. The killers (Mr. Herkler & Mr. Kosh) are known smugglers, known to frequent the trade and logistics ports of Scintilla, and the investigation leads to Port Tarsus.
Once identified and tracked down, they are apprehended after a shootout at a seedy bar followed by a spectacular high-speed motorcycle pursuit ending inside one of Tarsus many railcars. Interrogation reveals them to be working for a Mr. Garsworth, a Trade Baron connected to shady deals and illicit trade.

Garsworth is at the Radiant Nebulae, and the Acolytes decide to kidnap, torture, maim, kill and dismember his business associates in order to get information. This has unfortunate consequences for other Inquisition investigations in the area, but reveals that
Garsworth got his order from a woman called Silvia Vaurline. She is always robed, and her face is covered by a grill/mask.
The artifacts and willing subjects are transported on the Rouge Trader Trade Surplus, captained by a Capt. Maximus Turbonius

The Acolytes decide that their Modus Operandi is perfect, and proceed to threaten Max at gunpoint and accuse him of Heresy. Capt. Turbonios is not impressed, but when he understands that he has been unknowingly smuggeling Xeno-tech, he cooperates and reveals that his destination was 41 Pry
Laurent Strophes
++ Extracted from hidden monitor servo-skull by [classified, code MA42-342], serving Interrogator Sand, Ordo Hereticus ++

[Stationary Pict-source] Obstructed view of study and living quarters. Pict recorded through air vent. Solitary man [Subject I] is hunched over unidentified objects at a large servo workbench. Sound, indistinct. [Door forced open?] Two men enter view, [subject II] and [subject III], both wearing dark, long cloaks. [Subject II] facial features concealed by a rebreather mask, and photo-visor. [Subject III] hidden in shade from wide brimmed hat.
VOICE (III): Is there a doctor in the house?
VOICE (II): Hehehehe … ehhh … hehh
[Subject II] takes up position by the door, and produces a shotgun from beneath his cloak. [Subject I] turns to face the newcomers. Positively identified as Dr. Ralphus Streng.
VOICE (I) [STRENG]: Who … What do you want? I told you not to come here!
[Subject III] Steps towards [Subject I] [Dr. Streng], partially blocking the pict-shot.
VOICE (III): Easy Doc. My associate and myself are only here for a friendly chat. Nothing to get upset about.
VOICE (II): That’s right. Just ol’ friends talking, right, Doc?
[Subject I] [Dr. Streng] appears agitated, and starts to rise from his chair. [Subject III] pushes him gently, but firmly, back in his chair.
VOICE (I) [STRENG]: There’s nothing to talk about. The analysis is not complete, I told you I needed more time, and I can’t use the lab, I have to make do with this makeshift …
VOICE (III): There will be plenty of time and proper equipment later, but word is you are reconsidering our generous offer. Our employer is most distressed, quite beside himself really.
VOICE (II): Yeah, not used to people saying “no thanks”, know what I’m sayin’?
VOICE (I) [STRENG]: Wha.. No! I only, that is.. Who told you… I'm not reconsidering anything! I'm committed, I'm committed for the long run! I'm completely dedicated to the Truth. The possibilities are phenomenal, only a fool would throw away an opportunity like this, no matter what the costs.
VOICE (III): Well, I wouldn't know anything about that, Doc. What I DO know is that you've been talking to people you shouldn’t be. We know about your little meeting tomorrow, and we'd rather you gave it a miss. In fact… We'd rather you didn't talk to anyone anymore
[Subject III] takes out a pistol, and fixes a silencer to barrel. [Subject I] [Dr. Streng] is alarmed, but [subject III] pins him to his chair with his left boot.
VOICE (I) [STRENG]: Oh, God-Emperor, no! I'm sorry, look I was scared! I see now that I was wrong, I'll come with you, I'll do everything you ask! I swear, I won't say a thing! I'll not say a word to a living soul!
VOICE (III):That's right, Doc. You won't!
[Subject III] points the pistol at [Subject I] [Dr. Streng] and fires a shot into [Subject I] [Dr. Streng] head. The flash from the gunshot illuminates [subject III] face. Still-frame analysis reveals [subject III] is male, late 40s, with a prominent scar on his right cheek and with ocular implants. [Subject I] slides to the floor, bodily fluids soiling the chair and wall behind him.
[Subject III] searches the room, collects the objects [Subject I] [Dr. Streng] was working on as well as some valuables, turns over furniture and household items, and leaves.

From 41 Pry the trail goes cold. Nobody wants to talk, nobody knows nothing. Asking questions leads to trouble, representing authority leads to death.
Investigating the docking logs led to a shortlist of ships that are at 41 Pry at the same time or slightly later than the Trade Surplus. 4 likely candidates appear:
- Flexible Demeanour, capt. Minitov
- Prime Mover, capt. Norris
- Arbitrary Decision, capt. Unwerht
- Credibility Problem, capt. Fordwell
A few nighmarish weeks later, and the Acolytes have ordered the Navy to make a detour from their patrol and blow the station to pieces. The entire population of scientists had perished in firestorms on the surface below, including Dr. Laurentz.

On the plus side, Warn has a hold full of interesting tech, and Strophes probably wouldn't want his friend rescued after all, seeing as he was a Heretic and all...
Reference/Subject: Coscarla Division, (Geo/Dem) Designation: Workers Habitation Zone
Locale: Mastraven Zone, Lower MidTiers, Landward Quadrant, Hive Sibellus
Hive Co/Ord: 2345#∑≠Ω/789/9870001 Preparation: Autosavant Dal Maxentia
Attribution: Interrogator Omardha Sand
Ordinanator: Conclave Calixis/Covenant Sibellus/Chamber Obscuro
TFTD: “History is but a catalogue of counted sins”

Geohistorical and Demographic Overview:
The Coscarla Division is a subdistrict of Hive Sibellus on the Sector Capitol world of Scintilla. Built in the remains of what was once the splendour of the House Coscarla Estates, the district is a seventy kilometre square conglomeration of warrenlike tenementhabs and their attendant infrastructure that has grown up between the vast ruined arches and fallen statuary of its noble past.
The Coscarla was until recent years a relatively prosperous midhive district, predominantly populated by indentured labour classes, but has since suffered deprivation, disaster and a loss in status thanks to a series of misfortunes and incidents. Primary among these have been the damage caused buy unrestrained wildfires during the recent Rienholt Blackouts (the Coscarla being one of seventeen effected hive zones), although the long term withering of the fortunes of the Tantalus Combine, (see Addendum) had begun to have significant adverse effects long before that calamity.

The Coscarla Division currently awaits Administratum revaluation of its status (projected due process time until preliminary ruling: 37 years standard), but unsubdata indicates over 60% of the Coscarla is now effectively a waste/scav zone and the viable population is now confined to smaller subzones clustered around transit and utility access points.

The division’s population is also in catastrophic decline, its infrastructure remains effectively crippled and lawlessness, poor social cohesion and poverty all exponentially increasing year on year.

Addendum: [The State of the Tantalus Combine] The Combine, a longstanding cartel of several Houses Minoris of the Sibellan nobility has seen a drastic decline in its fortunes over zthe last decade. Its fall from power has been brought on by hostile competition from the SkaelenHar Hegemony and severe damage to its assets and prestige endured during the period of intrigues and vendettas known popularly as the “Vthorran Promenades” [cert.ref: Activities of the Lucid Court].

The resulting effects on several districts of the Sibellus and Tarsus Hives, formerly under the Combine’s sway, have been profound. In the Coscarla Division where Tantalus was the majority power, the Combine has sold on the indenture contracts of thousands of skilled workers and the labour force that remains now works only to meet their master’s debts. As a result, whole swathes of families have been uprooted or have deserted from the district, thus the effective economic and monetary input to the region is now negligible.

The Tantalus Combine is suffering a long, drawnout death and is kept going only by its own fading inertia and the legal wrangling over the disposition of its carcass. It has ceased to exist effectively as a cohesive organisation or political entity.
Primary objectives:
Identify and locate mutant terrorist Assod Morirr
Find headquarter of renewed Broken Chains
Present overview of local situation and working plan for permanent solution

Secondary objectives:
Coordinate efforts with Proctor Rotland, who is on good terms with Int. Sand
‘Play nicely’ with the Royal Scourges
Ulbrexis must remain anonymous to avoid problems with local authorities
The scandal could bring down the Director, his regime and cause chaos as the armed loan-wardens search for the errant tome.

The Acolytes had time between icecreams and pool visits to track down the book, and executed a 4 year old Alpha-plus psyker while they were at it.

Saving Dewdrop from certain doom, they also saved Director (and defacto Governor) Grigorius from scandal and ruin, and made a powerful friend in the Administratum.
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