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The New Deal

No description

Anthony Booker

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of The New Deal

Agricultural Adjustment Act -
the government paid farmers not to grow crops to increase crop prices.

The overproduction and low price of crops led to the Great Depression.
Civilian Conservation Corp - it put young men to work, and paid them in money and a place to stay.

Unemployment was a huge problem, and the men helped build or repair parks like Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park and Chickamauga.
Rural Electrification Administration
- it helped bring electricity to farmers.
Social Security Administration -
This program sent money and benefits to the old, disabled, or those people unable to work.

SSA helped those people suffering from the problems of the Great Depression.
Image by Tom Mooring
The New Deal
FDR's stay in Georgia showed that many people in rural areas needed help getting electricity.
Georgia governor Eugene Talmadge hated this program and fought it.
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