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Ferrari, a very special business model with regular innovati

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Matthieu Bigot

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Ferrari, a very special business model with regular innovati

An interesting case study
An abiding innovation
The power of desire
A Ferrari is like a beautiful woman : it has to be worth and to be desired
I. An unusual business model
II. Innovation as a product
4 main values
A strategy based on the desire
Matthieu BIGOT

Saturday, March 16, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A dream brand
An ERP well suiting the organizational model of Ferrari
III. Innovation as a process
Ferrari is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello.

The brand now belong to Fiat (at 85%)

The world's most influancial brand: 95 articles on Ferrari sold every minutes.

Presence in 61 countries

200 dealership across the world

A huge turnover: 1,711 milliard euros (+6.7%)

Growing profits: 264,2 millions euros (+20%)

Ferrari drives 40% increase in production with Infor solutions
“As well as improving flexibility, we have reduced the number of anomalies in the system, which is streamlining the production process further.” CIO of Ferrari

In 2011, migration from ERP Baan IV to the latest version: Infor ERP LN
Goals : Control the costs and the quality

According to Ferrari "Infor ERP LN is particularly well suited to the organizational model of Ferrari, insofar as it offers a high level of flexibility and rich functionality meets business expectations of the manufacturer."
Ferrari, an unusual business model
Their team spirit

Their passion

Their technological innovation

Their exclusive character
Ferrari is the world’s most powerful brand according to "Brand Finance"

Maranello's factory elected best place to work in Europe

Less than 7000 cars produced by year

"If we produce less cars, we will not flood the market and it will make our models more desirable."
Each car is unique:

From 12-cylinder models such as the FF to the California 8 cylinders, which remains the model par excellence in the United States.

They are no two models following the same conception

"Different Ferraris for different Ferrarists "

Innovation in the engines (hybride engines)
Innovation in aerodynamisme (active aerodynamism)
Innovation in the transmission (F1 gearbox)

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