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No description

Brittany Bent

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Atoms

Atoms Democritus thought that when you take an object and you split it in half and then in half again and again, then eventually it would be so tiny that you couldnt slipt it anymore. Thats what he thought was an atom. Dalton said that all elements consist of atoms, which connot be broken down any further. He said that the atom looked like a "billiard ball model" because it was a solid and "unbreakable" J.J. Thomson thought that you couldnt cut the atom in half but that you could pull it apart. He thought atoms were like plum pudding, postive and negative-ly charged. Ernest Rutherford thought there was nucleus in the middle that was positivly charged and that the negatively charged ones revolved around it. Niels Bohr Niels bohr thought almost the same thing as Rutherford, but he thought there were different shells where the electrons were in. Democritus Dalton J.J. Thomson Rutherford Plum Pudding model A ball like model
Being ripped in half
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