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American Flag Stands For Tolerance

No description

Joseph Miranda

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of American Flag Stands For Tolerance

American Flag Stands For Tolerance
First Read
1. Silently and Independently Filling in Summaries in Margins and Unknown Vocab Words.
Objective & Agenda
Obj: SWBAT analyze a Supreme Court opinion and cite evidence used to make inferences in an editorial.
Small Group 1.
Read and fill in Graphic Organizer.

What is Allen's Argument.
Provide 3 Reasons and 3 Pieces of Evidence.
Paraphrase Activity
Students are Reading in Your Groups.
1 Para 1-2
2.Para 3-4
3.Para 5-6
4.Para 7-8
5. Para 9

5 minute Read Aloud
10 minute Work Time
Be Prepared to Share OUT
Do Now:
Tolerance-the ability to accept or endure the opinions
or behavior that one does not agree with.

Raise a Silent Hand if You Have Any Questions
Tell me a story about a time when you
someone different than you.

Should we have to tolerate other people's opinions? Even if we disagree? What if it upsets you, like they don't believe in racism or equal rights for women?

1.Do Now
2.First Read
3.Read Aloud
4.Small Group 1
5.Small Group 2
6.Exit Ticket
Monday:Citing Evidence
Tuesday:Opinion Article for Attitude/ Comprehension
Wednesday: Comprehension
Thursday: Tone/ Writing Comparison
Friday:Quiz/ Peer Review
Small Group 2
1.Vocab Activity pg. 23
2.Compare Tone pg. 21
3.Comparison Activity pg. 17
4.Missing Homework
Work will be collected.
Exit Ticket.
Silently and Independently complete the Exit Ticket.
Criteria For Success

-Explicitly Cite Specific Text Evidence
-States whether or not the author agrees or disagrees with the Court’s Ruling
-States the author’s opinion, attitude, or feeling towards the Court’s ruling.
-Connects text evidence back to their answer

For Homework:

You are responsible for margin questions
and the Close Reader pg. 9-10 q's 1-4 and short response
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