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Cisco SWOT

No description

Will McCall

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Cisco SWOT

Strenghts Weaknesses Threats Intense Competition Reliance on Suppliers Consolidation of
Telecom Industry Rapid Technological Changes Opportunities Cloud Services Cash Reserves Partnerships Formed multiple strategic partnerships
(AT&T, Dell, HP)
Steady Revenue Processes New COO, Gary Moore
Responsive project approval Employees Over 70,000 employees globally
Strong geographical balance
Strong recruiting alliances
Top 25 best companies to work for
Partnerships Products Enterprise and services provider (42%)
Small business
Cloud Products Processes Employees Industry very competitive environment
Infrastructural trend means more disruption
Competition can exacerbate other threats Intense Competition Outsourcing leading to dependence
Loss of control
RPV not properly managed
“even when it costs less to outsource an activity, you might not want to do it” Reliance on Suppliers continuously develop new and improved products
performance improves
knowledge spreads
costs fall
Rapid Technological Changes Consolidation of
Telecom Industry series of acquisitions
reduced price and cost pressure for firms
strategic agreements in question
distinctiveness and competitive
advantage reduced Business Communications Enterprise Security Systems Acquisitions
Fifty one billion in reserves
Security Cash Reserves Manufacting materials outsorced
Shortages can be major risks Core Competencies in few products
Network Services

Reliance on few Income Sources
55% of Market Share in Routers/Switches
Lack of Diversification Numerous attempts at diversify portfolio
150 acquistions
Sunk costs and low margin

Shares less than 1/2 their value (2001) Poor Acquisition Choices Network Services

Abilities Define Disabilities

Network Infastructures are Changing
Less Discretionary Income
Cloud Computing Core Competencies Dependence on Third Parties Ian Fletcher
Travis Hannon
Will McCall
Graham Miles
Hannah Nelson
Poor Acquisition Choices Weakness in Consumer Markets Lack of Diversification Core Competencies Dependence on Third Parties The Flip Camera
Income flows unsustaining to firm
Competing with industry leaders
Weakness in Consumer Markets Strategic Acquisitions Between 1993-2006 Cisco spent $35.8 billion on 102 acuisitions
Lines up acuisitions with R&D teams Strategic Acquisitions Enterprise Security Systems Heavily Invested in Security systems
Grew from $14 million in 2006 to $20.9 billion in 2010 Business Communications Cisco has been in the communication business since its founding
Communication service market expected to reach $597.9 billion by the end of 2011 Huge opportunities
IT utilities
Industry competitors are Google, IBM, and Microsoft.
Cloud services rise 10% annually over the next 3 years Cloud Services Questions?
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