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The Road to Chlifa Timeline

The Road to Chlifa

Carrie Wu

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Road to Chlifa Timeline

Timeline The Road to Chlifa Antoine Milad helped Karim and Maha to pass the militiaman's questions. He prepared enough food and clothes for them, and drove as far as possible to get to place that their journey starts. During the journey, Maha caught a black goat. They milked her and did many things, whatever they had really great days with the goat. All these things done, Karim decided to bring Jad to Montreal where his family are. Carrie Wu "I am going with you," Karim called out. They had to cross the Green Line to get to the other side of Beirut. "God protect you," Milad murmured before he, too, left. Karim decided to leave Beirut and go with Maha. They walked day and night. They slept on the field. "We're laughing un-con-trol-la-bly," hiccuped Karim. Karim and Maha climbed the cliff with a baby and the black goat at night. After they reached the bottom, the black goat ran away and an explosion happened! "She was alive and now she's dead. Tell me, how much time is there between life and death..." Maha took this opportunity to tell Karim her thoughts, her jealousy and her love. She cried because she would never have a chance to tell her family how much she loves them. "I've always been jealous of Nada for as long as I can remember..."
"I thought I hated her, but I love her..." Karim and Maha had a serious argument because of Karim's unconscious behavior. When they almost arrived Chlifa, Karim left for several hours, When he heard a piercing, frightening cry and reached the place where he left. Thing was too late. Maha was dead! "I'm going for a walk over there," Karim announces pointing to the mountain rising to their left.
Karim knew Maha died from abandonment, from words loaded with hatred. He, Karim, was the one who killed her. By Yammouneh people's help, Karim finally arrived their destination - Chlifa. But Karim knew another reality, the old man Elias and his wife died six months ago... Maha left Karim with so many questions and so few answers. Finally, Maha was buried under the shade of a juniper tree. Lies. Truth.

Two sides to reality, one as real as the other? "No. In a way Maha entrusted him to me. I can't abandon him, too." I have to go. There's nothing for me here.
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