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My Genetically Modified Organism: Fruit Borne Vaccines

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Katie Pena

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of My Genetically Modified Organism: Fruit Borne Vaccines

In conclusion my GMO will benefit society by making it cheaper than regular vaccines are and it will be mostly available throughout the world especially in third world countries
The Process
In order to create this organism you must first isolate the gene of interest then use restriction enzymes to cut at the specific location of where the gene you want is at, after that use recombinant DNA to put back together the DNA, after that use gene insertion on the vector causing it to multiply with the desired gene, thus causing a transgenic organism
Fruit borne vaccines
My genetically modified organism will benefit society because it's cheaper and easier to produce since fruit can grow quicker than what it takes for a vaccine to develop. In addition to that people will have greater access to the vaccine because fruit can almost grow anywhere in the world.
Ethical Issues and Limitations
Some ethical issues that could arise is that some people might not like the idea of eating genetically engineered food and that their might be sone health issues not yet known of. Some limitations that could also arise is that some parts of the world might not have fertile soil to grow the fruit so it will make things harder to develop and it would cost more money since we have to think of way to plant and grow the fruit there.
What my GMO does
To create this GMO you first inject a virus into the fruit, by doing so the viruses genetic material quickly becomes a permanent part of the plants cell. As the plant grows, its cells produce the viral proteins, not the infectious ones, so when people eat the fruit, which is full of viral proteins , their immune system will produce antibodies to that disease, just like a regular vaccine.

In the next slide i will explain more in depth about how to get this organism
My Genetically Engineered Organism:
Fruit Borne Vaccines
By: Kate Pena

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