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Subjunctive - Ch 12 - Green Book

No description

Spanish Lovinitt

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Subjunctive - Ch 12 - Green Book

Irregular Subjunctive Students will learn to talk about :
Hairstyles & hair care.
Dry cleaning.
Common postal services.
Conducting banking transactions.
What may or may not happen.
Opinions & desires. You already know this. These forms are used to express actions that actually do happen. It is also used to indicate actions that did or will happen. *This language is permitted in a court of law that only accepts facts as evidence. Indicative Subjunctive These forms are used to communicate actions that are not necessarily true. Subjunctive is used to express actions that may possibly happen. We may like them to happen, or we may want them to happen but the outcome isn't certain. Conjugation of the subjunctive: To start:
Step one: Put the verb in the yo form.
Step two: Drop the "o".
Step three: Add "e" for "ar" verbs, or add "a" for "er & ir" verbs. Dar, Estar, IR, Saber, Ser Beauty Salons & Barber Shops
The Dry Cleaners
The Post Office
The Bank Subjunctive - Ch 12
Mood! To finalize:
Make sure that the verb endings match up with the person or thing that may complete the action:

Example 1: Mirar: mire, mires, mire, miremos, miren.
Example 2: Comer: coma, comas, coma, comamos, coman.
Example 3: Salir: salga, salgas, salga, salgamos, salgan Verbs that give you a clue to use the subjunctive next: querer
tener miedo de Dar: dé, des, dé, demos, den.
Estar: esté, estés, esté, estemos, estén.
Ir: vaya, vayas, vaya, vayamos, vayan.
Saber: sepa, sepas, sepa, sepamos, sepan.
Ser: sea, seas, sea, seamos, sean Impersonal Expressions that give you a clue that subjunctive follows: es imposible
es posible
es bueno
es malo
es mejor
es importante
es probable
es necesario
es fácil
es difícil Talking about the hairdresser: la peluquería un corte de pelo Final Project: Write and act out a script that includes imperfect progressive, usted commands, tú commands, and the subjunctive. Requirements:

The script must include five "chapters".

Chapter one: Introduction (imperfect progressive): This explains what you were doing when you received directions (usted commands from someone). *cuando me dijo, "____".

Chapter two: List the objectives that you have to complete. Use regular and irregular usted commands.

Chapter three: You didn't feel like doing the tasks alone, or at all, so you assigned them to someone else. Use tú commands to communicate what you said to a friend, kid, etc...

Chapter four: Explain what you were hoping would be the result of this strategy. Use subjunctive tenses.

Chapter five: Report what actually happened, happens, or is going to happen using the indicative tense. Additional details: 1. You may work alone (with your alter-ego).
You may work with a partner.
2. You must include vocabulary from all the chapters covered this semester (city / country, food, cars / highway, and services).
3. You must write 10 sentences for each chapter.
4. If you want an A, you need vistuals - gestures, props, etc... Give it style.
5. You must write your script - no impromptu scripts, sorry.
6. You must submit a t-chart list for all the verbs that are used in your script - up to 50
7. Extra Credit for Halloween Costumes, Singing, and Bailando (5% each).
*Video is okay. Live performances are okay. Frayer Model Exercise:
Box 1: English Concept Notes
Box 2: Conjugation Notes
Box 3: Video Examples (Spanish)
Box 4: Your Own Examples (5 Spanish & 5 English).
Center: WEIRDO Notes Music Practice: Categories:
Words that you know.
Words that you don't.
Examples of Subjuntive / Indicitive / Imperitive (Commands).
Impression / Thought(s). http://www.studyspanish.com/practice/subj2.htm Practice Quiz (1-20) Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller - The Way Slang of the Day: WEIRDO English Concept (Wish): Servicios Bank: Hair: This Has Nothing to Do With Class: La Carta:
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