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Visual Resume

No description

Ashley Austin

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Visual Resume

Ashley Austin
I grew up in Austin, Texas.
I attended the University of Texas at Austin...
I began creating various marketing materials for different companies...
such as mailers for Ethnic Loft...
and magazine advertisements for Elite Events.
In 2009, I became the Marketing/PR Assistant
for Root Design Company in Austin, Texas.
In 2010, I became the Marketing Coordinator for
Pfluger Associates Architects in Austin, Texas.
In 2011, I joined the Washington, DC office of
WSP as their Marketing Coordinator.
and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art in 2009.
My name is Ashley Austin,
and this is my visual resume.
I create printed materials to showcase
the company's experience internationally...
as well as locally.
I create HTML's for company-wide initiatives...
office-wide announcements...
and office-wide events.
I create promotional brochures for clients...
as well as qualification materials
in pursuit of future projects.
I created holiday promotional materials...
general brochures...
and various office marketing materials.
I created project boards...
and various other materials and
presentations in pursuit of future projects.
In 2012, Austin Art Associates was established
as a venue to produce and sell art created by
Ashley Austin and Dr. Ken Austin.
I've produced paintings...
For more information about me, more art, and more marketing collateral, feel free to visit:
and graphics for fundraisers.
I've made banquet invitations for The South Austin Pregnancy Resource Center in Austin, TX...
I also regularly volunteer my time designing for various organizations.
Sermon graphics for Coker Methodist Church in San Antonio, TX...
Event postcards for The Rock, MBC Tyson's Campus...
And post camp devotionals for MBC Rock students.
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