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Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

No description

Julia Zhu

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

Our Labs
Our Drugs
Our Responsibility

Our Vision
Universities and publicly funded research institutions will be part of the solution to the access to medicines & innovation crisis
Promoting the public interest & ensuring that all people regardless of income have access to essential medicines and other health technologies
Our Values
Our Mission
(1) promote access to medicines innovations in low- and middle-income countries by changing norms and practices around academic patenting and licensing

(2) ensure that university medical research meets the needs of people worldwide and

(3) empower students to respond to the access and innovation crisis.

believe in social justice and health equity
unacceptable that developing countries are disproportionately affected
Universities have a social compact with society and, as educational and research institutions
Students are uniquely positioned to push for normative change in their universities and research institutions.
Our work is guided at all times by principles of non-partisanship, democracy, transparency and respect
- Campbell University
- Duke
> 50 in the USA
- Harvard
- Yale
- UC system
- Canada
- England
- Norway
- Sweden
- Brazil
UAEM at Campbell
Yale & Stavudine
Joseph, a HIV positive patient in Haiti before and after receiving ART therapy because of UAEM efforts.
Yale discovers novel drug compound Stavudine
Bristol Meyers Sqibb licenses Stavudine to produce an ART Drug
BMS makes $$$
Yale students & Stavudine discoverer stage protest demanding a humanitarian licensing clause be included in the patent
2nd & 3rd world countries gain ability to generically manufacture essential HIV medications
thousands saved! :) :) :)
UAEM's Goal:
To get low-cost medicines
to those in the developing world

UAEM-CU's Goals
Exercise our strengths as pharmacy, medical, and law students to raise awareness about neglected diseases, improve patient-medication adherence , ultimately increase patient therapeutic outcomes.

External Affairs Executive Officers
Internal Affairs Officers
Chapter Execs
President of External Affairs
Julia Zhu

recruiting Medical, PA, MPH, PT, MSCR, MSPS, JD students
Treasurer/ Fundraiser
yearly dues $10
iPad covers, bake sales, jeans days
Sponsoring a child via Compassion International!
Compassion International
We'll be fundraising $500 to sponsor a child's healthcare, education, and care in a third world country
Campbell's Sites:
Like us on FB!
Blackboard Page
you know the drill

National Sites:
UAEM National:
UAEM Report Card:
look out for UAEM email updates
& Campbell announcements from Ta Sra
VP of Global Health Projects
President of Internal Affairs
Yousef Lafi
Project Officers
Yazmin Maya-Perez
Ta Sraubol
Leigh Finch
Madhav Bhatt
VP of UAEM Education
VP of Regional Health Projects
Peter Keddis
Tizita Mengitsu
Jessica Humenik

HIV Pictogram Project
Valerie Barnett
Rwanda Pediatric Formulations Project
Emily Howard

Honduras trip- Tentatively Spring Break 2014
Looking at interdisciplinary participation
More info to come

Global Medical Brigades
Intellectual Property Chair
Up for elections!

educate chapter on patent laws & regulations
research pledges, lay groundwork for future patent office

Neglected Disease Initiatives
bimonthly Healthcare Provider Seminars

Global Health Day
Neglected Disease Education
Health Outreach
Emmanuel Dowuona

Triangle Regional Conference
Duke, UNC

Cal Northstate School of Pharmacy
Regional Liaison
Natalie Bledsoe
Chagas' Disease Initiative
Chagas Disease
Chagas disease is considered a “Neglected Disease” by the CDC.
Caused by a parasitic infection (Trypanosoma cruzi)
transmitted via an insect vector
(triatomine bug, or “kissing bug”).
It is a lifelong disease without treatment
Results in an enlarged heart, megacolon, and ultimately death.
~ 300,000 persons living in US have Chagas Disease
Chagas disease is endemic throughout much of Mexico, Central America, and South America where an estimated 8 million people are infected.

Why is it important?
Continued growth of the Hispanic population in the US
Climate changes have allowed the insect to migrate.
T. cruzi infection can be transmitted via blood, organ transplants, and mother-to-baby.
To provide education for our patients who travel to endemic countries.
How YOU can help!
Educate current pharmacists by offering a CE course through Campbell
Posters/education throughout the DO and PA school
Fundraising: Proceeds to go towards Texas Children’s Hospital for research/development of a vaccine for neglected tropical diseases

UAEM Scorecard Project
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
Welcome to UAEM!
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Detail 4
2nd Wednesday
of every month

Local, National, Global
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