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aleeya gregory 2050

No description

Katrina Dye

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of aleeya gregory 2050

Classrooms of the future
Sketch #1
Q: What 5 adjectives would best describe your design

Q: What makes your design innovatve

Q: what was your inspiration for your design
A: Innovative, Advanced, smart,
understanding , Helpful

A: its a new helpful design for

A: The inspiration came from
what we need and what would ve helpful to present day classrooms
this is the first sketch for a history classroom .
Monday, February 17, 2014
Aleeya Gregory
A glimpse into the future of lakeside school district
Sketch #2
as a solution for the kids not being able to see the board, the chairs will pull out from the wall and be convertable and easy to use. Students ill also have there own tablet with there books on it so they would not have to carry a backpaxck around. since the type of classroom the design is is social studies, we could have a wall that is touchscreen and it could show u different time periods and tell and show pictures of history . This will help all studens learn in a differerent way . So the class room will be very innovative
the final sketch
Lakeside 2050 : Classrooms of the future
Classrooms now are not always very helpful as a
learning enviorment. differnt kids learn in different ways so in the future classrooms we could incorperate technology in them. also, its hard for some kids to see or hear the teacher corretly . Also the type of classroom also effects the design for a more learning experience
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