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No description

Hiroaki Nakandakari

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of 소녀시대

Musical Style Girls' Generation Discography Globalization SNSD is often considered to be one of the most influential idol groups that have been leading what is known as the Hallyu Wave
With the release of their 2009 single, "Gee," SNSD's popularity rose and set a certain standard for girl groups
Their popularity with Gee also helped them to garner fans outside of Korea
SNSD also started to promote their music overseas in Japan and the United States Other Activities Hiroaki Nakandakari
East Asian 155 소녀시대
Girls' Generation Name: Girls' Generation
Also Known As: SNSD, So Nyuh Shi Dae, Soshi, GG
Label: SM Entertainment
Debut: 2007 (Officially on August 5, 2007)
Debut Song: Into the New World (다시만난 세계)
Fan Club Name: S♡NE (소원)
Fan Club Color: Pastel Rose At the beginning, predominantly bubblegum pop and teen pop
Gee and Oh! utilize this styles along with dance pop
2009 marked a transition to electro pop
ex. Tell me Your Wish (Genie) [소원을 말해봐 (Genie)]
Japanese singles such as "Paparazzi" and "Flower Power" continued this genre
Their lyrics explore themes of women empowerement as can be seen in "Hoot" and "The Boys"
Their latest release, "I Got a Boy," combines many different musical elements such as electronic dance sounds that mixes pop, retro, and urban genre
Some members have also helped in writing some songs like "Mistake (내 잘못이죠)" from their third EP Hoot, co-written by Yuri, and "The Boys" and "How Great is Your Love" from their third Korean album The Boys, co-written by Tiffany and Sooyoung Studio Albums
2007: Girls' Generation
2010: Oh!
2011: The Boys
2013: I Got a Boy
2009: Gee
2009: Tell me Your Wish (Genie)
2010: Hoot
2007: Into the New World, Girls' Generation
2008: Kissing You, Baby Baby
2009: Gee, Tell me Your Wish (Genie)
2010: Oh!, Run Devil Run, Hoot
2011: The Boys, Mr. Taxi
2012: Twinkle, Dancing Queen
2013: I Got a Boy Dramas: Yoona: 9 Ends 2 Outs (2007), Woman of Matchless Beauty (2008), You Are My Destiny (2008), Cinderella Man (2009), Love Rain (2012)
Jessica: Wild Romance (2012)
Yuri: Unstoppable Marriage (2008), Fashion King (2012)
Sooyoung: Unstoppable Marriage (2008), The 3rd Hospital (2012) Movies: Sooyoung: Hello, Schoolgirl! (2008)
Seohyeon, Taeyeon and Sunny: Despicable Me Korean Dub Variety Shows: Appeared in various variety shows such as We Got Married, Star Golden Bell, Invincible Youth, Family Outing, Running Man, Dancing with the Stars, Star King, etc
Many of the members have also been hosts for many variety shows such as Show! Music Core, Win Win, and Midnight TV Entertainment Endorsements: Many endorsements for well-known companies such as Samsung, Nexon, SPAO, Domino's Pizza, Lotte, Hyundai, Naver, etc Kim Taeyeon
(김 태연) Leader
Main vocalist
March 9, 1989
TaeTiSeo Jung Jessica
(제시카) Jung Sooyeon
Main vocalist
April 19, 1989
Born in San Francisco, CA Sunny
(써니) Lee Soonkyu
Niece of Lee Sooman
Lead vocalist
May 15, 1989 Hwang Tiffany
(황 티파니) Stephanie Hwang
Hwang Miyoung
Lead vocalist
From Diamond Bar, CA
August 1, 1989
TaeTiSeo Kim Hyoyeon
(김 효연) Main dancer
September 22, 1989
Dancing Queen Kwon Yuri
(권 유리) Lead dancer
December 5, 1989 Choi Sooyoung
(최 수영) Lead dancer
February 10, 1990
Route 0 Im Yoona
(임 윤아) Lead dancer
"Face" of the group
May 30, 1990 Seohyun
(서현) Seo Joohyun
Lead vocalist
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