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Alpha Phi Lambda Class Prezi

APL class lessons

Brittany Skerritt

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Alpha Phi Lambda Class Prezi

Alpha Phi Lambda
Class Lessons
Alpha Phi Founders
Fraternity Crest
Fraternity Colours
Alpha Phi Creed
Elizabeth Grace Hubill Shults
Clara Bradley Wheeler Baker Burdette
Ida Arabella Gilbert Delmenter Houghten
Mission Statement
APL: Mission, Values,
and Objectives

" We are a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement"
- Promotion of growth and character
- Unity of growth and feeling
- Sisterly affection
- Social Communion
10 Founders
- known as the *Brave Hearts*
- filled with a knowable purpose whose eyes saw clearly into the future
Born: East Bloomfield, NY
Born: Pheniox, NY
Born: Rochester, NY
Adopted in 1922
Colours: Silver and Bordeaux
"Union, Hand in Hand"
Ivy Leaf
Roman Lamp
Ursa Major constellation "Great Bear"
- were previously gold and blue but switched to silver and bordeaux in 1879
I believe in my fraternity.
I believe in the friendships formed
in the springtime of my youth.
I believe in high ideals,
which lift me up beyond myself.
I believe in its earnest drive for good scholarship,
Moral character, and genuine culture.
I believe in it as a shrine of international sisterhood where in, I may find love and loyalty,
sympathy and understanding, inspiration
and oppurtunity.
I believe in it as a creator of good citizenship,
Helping me to do my work well,
To live in harmony with others and
To serve my country and to trust in God.
I believe in my Fraternity.
I believe in Alpha Phi
Started in 1872 at Syracuse University
- Felt for a need for a social centre, a place of conference, a circle of friends who can sympathize with one another
- Phi Beta Kappa chapter
- Graduated 1876
- a writer, business women, lecturer, philanthropist
- listed in the "Who's who" of America
Hattie Florence Chidester Lukens
Born: Utica, NY
- Recieved her BA at 23
- 1st founder to enter the silent chapter of Alpha Phi
Martha Emily Foote Crow
Born: Sacketts, NY
- Ph.D in English and Literature
- 1st National President of Alpha Phi
- Never belittled anyone - makes an impression
- held the first Alpha Phi annual banquet
Jane Sarah Higham
Born: Rome, NY
" When I think of Alpha Phi, I feel sure that Alpha Phi is big enough and noble enough to reach out and help others where there is the biggest need"
Kate Elizabeth Hogoboon Gilbert
Born: Ovid, NY
- 1st recording secretary of the chapter
- Suprano voice, gifted in the field of debate
- Only one old enough to sign the legal documents when Alpha Phi was founded
- brilliant: graduated from HS at 13, college at 16
Rena A. Micheals
- 1st president of Alpha Phi
- founder of Micheal Anean Society
Louis Viola Shepard Hancock
Born: Rome, NY
- Her and Jane were the best of friends
- Vivid imagination, had the last say in everything
Claire Sittser Williams
Born: Weedsport, NY
- Only founder to not graduate from university
- Only farmers daughter
- 1st Alpha Phi meeting was in her room
Fraternity Flowers
- Lilly of the Valley
- Blue and gold Forget-Me-Not's
Fraternity Symbols
- Ivy Leaf
Fraternity Constellation
- Ursa Major "The Great Bear"
- Displayed on the ceiling of the Alpha Phi Executive Office in Evanston, Illinois
- Mascot of Alpha Phi is the Phi Bear after Ersa Major
National Penhellic Conference
- an organization established to foster in fraternity relationships to assist chapters of NPC member groups to co-operate
- In1902 Alpha Phi invited multiple Fraternities to a conference in Chicago on May 24th
- Alpha Xi Omega and Xi Omega were not able to attend
Character Development
Advancing women's lives through the power of philanthropy
Philanthropy: Why Women's Heart Health?
- In 1946 Alpha Phi's gathered at a convention in Quebec to discuss what they would adopt as an international philanthropic cause
- During WW2 rheumatic fever was a disease that causes serious damage to the heart
- leading killer of children
- AP wanted the freedom to contribute money and services
- In the next few decades, modern antibiotics decreased the chance of getting the fever
- then heart disease became the #1 killer of women
- Heart and Stroke Foundation
- AP is a non-profit organization
Greek Alphabet
Alpha Phi is founded at Syracuse University by by our founding mothers, the 10 bravehearts
Alpha Phi invited Frances Willard to join their organization
- Women's suffrage leader to become the 1st alumni initiated
Alpha Phi became the first women's fraternity in America to own and occupy a chapter house
Alpha Phi was the first fraternity to use traveling delegates
(International Leadership Council)
Frances Willard was recognized by the U.S congress and a statue of her was placed in Satuary Hall
Alpha Phi went International with a the Alpha Phi Xi chapter in Toronto!
Frances Willard was on the postage stamp
The National Panhellenic Council was formed
introduced RESPOND: A Forum for Supportive Action, an anti-victimization education program dealing with alcohol abuse, acquaintance rape, eating disorders, suicide, hazing, and harassment.
introduced a peer education program for AIDS education
The Alpha Phi Foundation developed its own Red Dress pin as a symbol of heart health for women everywhere
became the first women's fraternity to develop a values-based leadership institute for emerging leaders based on women's developmental leadership theories
established the Alpha Phi Quarterly, an award-winning magazine that has been published continuously to the present day
Objectives cont...
-Obey God's principles of justice and right
- Ban ourselves together in heart and mind
- Aid each other in constant watch care, always given in love
- Believe ourselves to be sincere and truthful
- *We seek the highest womenhood and we try to gain this idea by captivating not only the power and patrian for seeking intellectual development but also the spirit of love and charity.
- We who are thus united are under a solomn pledge to lend a helping hand
Positions and Chairs
(Brittany Skerritt)
(Bismah Haq)
(Cassandra Celestin)
(Roshni Lad)
(Gilhianne Chalmbers)
Social Chair
Philanthropy Chair
Logistics Chair
(Shainoor Kara)
Dir. Admin
(Autumn Burrows)
Finance Chair
(Alisha Awadia)
(Abbey Troup)
(Celina Feng)
Alpha Phi Milestones
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