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IU SOC Physical Therapy

No description

L George

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of IU SOC Physical Therapy

can help us make a difference! Near Eastside Community FREE
Student-Run Clinic in the Neighborhood unmet health needs Fellowship Church a e s s e r d d s Indiana University Student Outreach Clinic Finances Social determinants:
crime, infant mortality, & addiction Insurance Transportation Healthcare Barriers Neighborhood Fellowship Church
IU School of Medicine
Butler College of Pharmacy
IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law
IU School of Social Work
IU School of Dentistry Physical Therapy School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Physical Therapy Interdisciplinary service-learning clinic providing PT provided by IU DPT students under the mentorship of upperclassmen & the guidance of licensed physical therapists The community's history and context must be understood to successfully accomplish the IU SOC mission interdisciplinary student-run
free clinics in the
United States that provides Physical Therapy The mission of the IU SOC Physical Therapy clinic, as a collaborative partner in the IU SOC, is to improve access to free, comprehensive healthcare for underserved Indianapolis communities. Through inter-professional collaboration and education, student volunteers will contribute to treating the patients’ physical, emotional, and social needs. Clinic Set Up Unemployment 18% of households live
below 50% of the poverty level vs 7.5% in all of Indiana > 9% unemployment rate > 50% are uninsured No Primary Care Provider Fear of Medical Professionals 4 years ago IU SOC set out to close the healthcare gap through collaboration Partners NEW Community-Focused, Patient-Centered, and Outcome-Driven Care 2nd Saturday of every month 1 of 4 10am - 2pm Services
1. Examination & Intervention
2. Screening & Educational classes Clinic Logistics
Success Community
Impact Student
Development Patient Outcomes
Satisfaction IU SOC PT
Objectives Finances Volunteers Objectives Properly train enough volunteers to support smooth and productive clinic operations and communication Be a long-term sustainable entity within the IU SOC Continue to develop competencies to measure all 4 major clinic objectives Objectives Improve patients’ physical impairments Provide patient-centered, satisfactory care Objectives Guide patients to invest in their own health and improve their quality of life Objectives Patient Care Skills Interprofessional Education Professionalism Mentoring Value and respect the unique roles, responsibilities and expertise of other health professions Effectively communicate and collaborate with the inter-professional team Educate other health professions on the roles, responsibilities and expertise of physical therapists Provide a hands-on learning environment that challenges students Provide an experience that allows for understanding and internalizing of the IU SOC PT core values: Foster a dynamic learning experience between upper and lower classman student volunteers Outcomes Risk Avoidance Sustainability Altruism, Empathy, Excellence, Social Responsibility, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Teamwork, Respect, and Trust YOU Partnerships Partner with us to help restore
the near eastside community Anya Albonetti
Chelsea Bird
Brittany Brand
Erica Caley
Lydia George
Theresa Schamberger
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