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Copy of Advantages and disadvantages of weapons in WW1

Linked to my other Prezi of Weapons of WW1

Dylan Gerasimchuk

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Advantages and disadvantages of weapons in WW1

This interactive Presentation will show you that advantages and disadvantages of the weapons in WW1
Advantages and Disadvantages of Weapons Used In WW1
Machine Guns

Easy to kill enemies,
Didn't need to be reloaded again and again,
Some times light (depends what gun you had),
Easily be stored and put on many vehicles like ships, planes, and trucks.
30,000 Men killed on one day alone at the Battle of the Somme.

Get killed easily by opposition.
Very good and created a serious threat to the military men in planes,
increased casualty rates greatly.
That they often over heated and were heavy and hard to move-could waste time and cause problems.
You did not just pick one up alone and move it to an area and fire it. It took a team to do it.
The Germans probably had one of the best of the machine guns of at that time and the French probably the worst. This was a disadvantage since the French (who were our
They often were blocked up with dirt and played up because of the mud
Barrels over heated due to too much shooting at once.
Advantage of artillery is that you can fire heavy shells through it. You can fire it up to 2km.
Advantage is that it could fire shells weighing over 900kg or even over 18km.
Advantage is that it could be used undercover and against hidden targets.

Also, artillery usage can kill and maim people
Disadvantage is that the light ones are 4 – 6 pounders and the heavy one are 8 – 12 pounders so it is kind of heavy to move it around so easily
Chlorine and Mustard Gas
The main advantages were that it was cheap and effective in trenches and could wipe out many soldiers within a very short period of time... quite a stealthy weapon!
The main disadvantages were that it was dependant on the weather; the change in wind direction could make it unpredictable and even kill your own men!
Flame Throwers
A disadvantage of a flamethrower is that you can hurt yourself whilst you are throwing it.
A disadvantage is that they contained oil to burn at the time 40 seconds.
A disadvantage is that it only affected over the areas of No Man’s Land.
Advantage of a flamethrower is that you can get rid of the soldiers in the front line in the trenches.
Advantage is that it can spread fire by launching burning fuel.
Advantage is that flamethrowers can be used on tanks
Flamethrowers lit everything on fire which would cause an immense loss of resources and soldiers.
Flamethrowers were good at clearing out trenches-they could wipe out many soldiers and the enemy’s weapons in one shot.
The flame thrower would unleash a deadly amount of damage-good if you were doing it to the enemy but not if it was happening to you!
F.M's thing.
Fascinating Facts!!
The use of horses in WW1on the battlefield decreased a lot since they could not withstand against the artillery.
Tank was technological-probably the new weapons that was used during WW1 and is still used today in wars.

Weather conditions had to be just right in order for chlorine to be used!
Some of the machine guns had the power of 100 guns!
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