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Who is Tiffany & Co. ?

No description

Yaritza Peña

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Who is Tiffany & Co. ?

World-famous seller of diamond jewelry
founded in 1837
Who is Tiffany & Co. ?
Luxury leader with opportunity to conduct business responsibly
Supplier responsibility
How do they present themselves to consumers?
Tiffany & Co. designs and manufactures jewelery, watches, silverware in their own US plants in New York, Rhode Island, Kentucky, and New Jersey.
Who produces their products?
Presidents and First Ladies
Business Tycoons
Who buys Tiffany & Co. Products
Tiffany & Co.
1 Picture is Fake
1 Picture is Real
Which one is it ?
By: Lindsay McKinnon
Yaritza Mendez
Yaritza Peña
Lisa Pryer


Tiffany & Co. uses billboards and magazine ads as well as social media
Where is Tiffany located?
· For over 175 years, Tiffany has been producing in US Plants in New York, Rhode Island, Kentucky and New Jersey
· It offers an environment that allows for their employees to be creative and successful
Future Predictions
Tiffany & Co. work ethic

Tiffany & Co is contributing to the division of labor:

Tiffany & Co. Influences globalization in the context of women
Division of labor
Corporation's Income
Net Worth
Revenue 2013
Tiffany & Co. "Honor the dignity of all people"
The products and who is creating them ?
Gold Jewelry. (Yellow Diamonds)
Precious Metals
Silver ware.
finest, greatest quality, jewelry
manufactured the gold/silver chains
Owner of more than 120 stores throughout the world
Part of american history- mentioned in songs and movies
Environmentally responsible multinational corporation.
They have their own diamond mines
They use vertical integration to help ensure the quality of their products.
Movie Stars
Sports Franchises
Responsible mining
Protection of Human Rights and support for communities
· Tiffany has publicly opposed precious metal mining in locations that should be left forever wild, such as Bristol Bay, Alaska
· They have also offered state-of-the-art solar-powered systems at our U.S distribution faculties.
Sales Associate
Sales Professional
Senior Analyst
Marketing aimed at everyday people
"Red Carpet" appearances- jewelry worn by stars at award events
Application available for shoppers.
Only two women on the committee
Countries across the globe will require the following:
1) Better Salary(ies)
2) Working Conditions
3) Benefits

Fake vs. Real
Globalization from Above:
Globalization from Below:
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