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Tattoo Artist

No description

destiny jackson

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Tattoo Artist

You may not get work some days.
Tattoo Artist
positive things
Meeting new people everyday.
Getting to make different art everyday.
Job Definition
Using needles and pigments, a tattoo artist applies a permanent design directly to a client's body, injecting ink under a layer of skin. Clients may come to a tattoo artist with a picture or design in mind or they may consult with the tattoo artist to create a desired image. Tattoo artists use their artistic skills to advise clients on shape,color,and size of their body art.
Earnings (per year)
You may get rude customers on a some occasions.
Projected Job Growth
Texas tech offers many majors that appeal to tattoo artist distinctive job requirements.
You get to give someone a personalized piece of art for them to love forever.
Some people may get infections due to their tattoos .
Some people may not be happy with the tattoos you have given them.
Constant job growth over a period of time.
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