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Unit 4 Silent Lecture

Emphasis on Writing Essay Introductions

Prof Johnson

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of Unit 4 Silent Lecture


What makes a strong essay intro.?

What makes a
strong essay introduction?
To learn what makes a strong introduction to an argumentative essay, please (1) watch this video (click on it), and (2) take handwritten notes (you'll need them in a second):
Image by Tom Mooring
First, be sure to finish your Unit 4 Peer Reviews. Can't remember what to do?

Next, while I conference with students in the hall, you are required to read through each frame of this Prezi and complete the activities.

If you do not finish all of the activities... guess what? That's your homework! Please get the work done by the next class period.
Freewrite #17:
Unit 3 Reflection

For 10 minutes (time yourself), freewrite a reflection concerning your Unit 3 Assignment.

Remember: Your unit reflections serve as an early draft of the final essay for class. O, that's right... there's a method to my madness!

I'm glad you ask!
Peer Review
Now that you've watched the video and have taken notes... do this:
Get into your peer review group
Using your notes from the video, come up with a list of agreed-upon standards for a solid introduction (i.e. the intro. presents a clear issue)
Print a copy of your introduction for everyone in your group; take time to quietly re-read the intros and annotate them
One at a time, discuss your introductions -- again! Do they meet the standards that you have agreed upon?
You're adults. There is nothing to turn in. Simply help one another ! :)
When you are done with peer reviews of your introductions... go into your Unit 4 Middle Draft and rewrite/revise your introduction.

Please do this within your Google document where I can track

If you finish early, please work on "revising" your middle draft using the peer reviews you received last week.

If you did not finish early, remember: Rewriting/revising your essay introduction is now "homework". Have it done by the next class period. Thanks!
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