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My Social Action Topic

No description

Gurbir Gill

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of My Social Action Topic

My Social Action Topic
Littering In Schools
We have tried to minimize or at most eliminate the causes and effects of littering in public areas for a safe and healthy community
Issue that stood out from others concerning our future
Land Pollution is preventable

What is Littering?
Polluting the earth with items such as wrappers, cigarette ends, boxes and other non-reusable items
Why is Littering a problem?
Facebook Page
Spread Awareness of my Issue
People spend most of their time at home on Facebook
Got 20-30 views per post
Inform people about the causes and effects of Littering
SAP Fair
Great opportunity to spread awareness
Made a Presentation Board
Got people to sign my Petition
Received many visitors
"Students not just in LASS, but in all schools should know the dangerous effects of littering even inside of school grounds. Littering does not do any good for us, our environment and most importantly our future. So why do it? Think before deciding to litter: Am I making the right decision? By signing this petition, you are promising our environment to reduce littering and reduce the long term effects of littering."
Consider this..
Time it takes for litter to decompose
Aluminum cans: 50-60 years
Tin cans: 60 years
Plastic Bags:20-1000 years
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