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The causes of endangered Marine Life

No description

John Doe

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of The causes of endangered Marine Life

The causes of endangered Marine Life
What are the causes of destruction of marine life Primary Sources Oil spills and Ship grounding Trash being thrown out of coastal areas in to the sea Luxury Food and Over fishing Hunting and Climate change Rock'n Roll Why are people endangering marine life 1. Cultre and tradition force them to do this Ex:Chinese use animal skins and fat for medicine People eat shark fin soup People don't know if its bad People are paid to hunt animals The End http://animoto.com/play/pIyztGtmkBXYEb6ObEX9qg

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How we (The NIST community) affect endangered marine life http://animoto.com/play/pIyztGtmkBXYEb6ObEX9qg?autostart=true
Why do people endanger marine life? Tradition forces them to People eat shark fin soup They don't know anything else People pay to kill animals The End By Manit Bibliography
1.Irvins Dad


We Should stop this before we lose a lot of good sea animals
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