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Unit 1 : Periodicity of elements

No description

Ahmed Hussein

on 19 August 2016

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Transcript of Unit 1 : Periodicity of elements

Lesson 1 : Attempts of elements classif ication
Unit 1 : Periodicity of elements
and their properties
considered as the first real periodic table for classification of the elements.
Mendeleev's periodic table
he recorded on single cards: the names of the elements, their atomic weights and their important properties. He arranged the similar elements in vertical columns called “groups” later. He discovered that the elements were arranged in an ascending order according to their atomic weights from left to right in the horizontal rows, which were later called “periods" and their properties are periodically repeated at the beginning of each new period.
With Mr.Ahmed Elbasha
attempts are made by scientists for classification of elements to be easily studied,
and find the relation between elements and their physical and chemical properties.
At This Time 67 element where Known
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