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Product Proposal

Hope Powell's Autobiography

Sam Perkins

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Product Proposal

An insight into the increasingly popular sport of women’s football from the woman that made it to the top despite varying forms of discrimination. Hope Powell's Autobiography Aims Product Specification Sales Strategy 12% royalties

Up to £4,800 Advance (50%) on delivery

Yellow Jersey to obtain all rights

Hope to get Powell on board as the aims of our company and the book are in line with hers. Author Deal Books
Clark, G.Inside Book Publishing (Oxen: Routledge, 2008)
Blake, C. From Pitch to Publication (London: Macmillan, 1999)
Woll, T. Publishing For Profit (Chicago: Chicago Press Review, 2002)
http://www.football-league.co.uk/staticFiles/65/51/0,,10794~151909,00.pdf Sources Sam Perkins Product Proposal Yellow Jersey Press Why Yellow
Jersey? The Market Women With an
Interest in Football Customer Appeal Competitive Products - Aged 16-45.

- 151,000 women play football in UK

- 1 in 5 are of a black or ethnic minority

- 150,000 attended GB’s 4 matches over the summer

- peak TV viewing figures reached 3.9 million Karen Brady 11,600 (Mar12)
Claire Balding 106,900 (Sep12)
Victoria Pendleton 20,900 (Sep12)
Jessica Ennis 24,800 (Nov12) Average volume of men’s football autobiographies: 44,900 A chance to stamp our mark on the market

A more literary and pro-active book, in line with many on our lists already Recent Sales of Sportswomen's Autobiographies Recent Sales of Footballer's Autobiographies Content & Approach - Beginnings
- Early Football Career
- Transition to International Level
- Why she became a Coach
- Early Coaching Career
- More recent experiences
- Future Hopes

- The book will draw on Powell's achievements as well as explore and promote the awareness of the discriminations notoriously present in football.
- Inc women’s football stats about popularity and style of play to add interest and promote the game - Hardback (embossed) + Ebook
- 234 x 153mm (royal octavo)
- 300pp
- B&W with Colour Inserts with 8 Photos
- Delivery Date May 2015 (coincide with women’s world cup)
- RRP - £20 Sales Channels Market Channels Estimated Sales Figures Rights Potential Financial
Summary Chain Bookshops

Independent Bookshops


Internet Market Specific Magazines eg.Sportsister


Match programmes

Social Media

60% discount - high to account for Supermarket and export sales

Ebook - extra income Estimated number of UK sales: 8,800 (Calculated according the ratios of women to men that have an interest in football & average sales of football autobiographies) - Contacts in the FA, charities and sports media

- Creates potential for cheap marketing Estimated Exports: 1,200 Translation Rights - Japan

Audio Ebook

Exports to sister companies - US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Retain: Sell: Hope Powell - Caps - 69
- Goals - 55 England Player (1983-98) England Manager
(1998-present day) Equality Campaigns - Youngest
- First Female
- First Black
- First Gay Kelly Smith Number sold:1,900
Not as well known
Less experience and fewer achievements
Poor publicity -This product will be the first insight into a female international manager

-Appeal to the high % of black and ethnic minority players and viewers that have not yet been catered for. Platform Revenue: £80,000

Royalties - £9,600
Plant Costs - £8,234
Print Costs - £15,606 Gross Profit = £46,561 - Net Profit Gross Profit: £46,561

Overheads: £32,000 - = £14,561 To produce a book that will reach the large, growing and relatively un-catered for market of women’s football.

Confront many of the controversial equality issues that are engrained in football culture
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