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A contrast between, Superhero's and Muay Thai boxers.

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taneshia deckon

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of A contrast between, Superhero's and Muay Thai boxers.

Who's gonna 'Save the World' ?
Main Idea
A contrast between, Superhero's and Muay Thai boxers.
Costumes + Symbolism
The story is contrasting the physical and mental strength of the the boxers, with the humour and the self-belief of the superhero.es This is a summary of the video in pictures:
The location of the fights, is at Taneshia's dad's gym.
Around an area not in Enfield but London e.g Hills, Roads, sweet shops, Council areas.
The conclusion is that we finally have and idea we like!
The themes are strentghs and superheros, symbolism includes stars and The music video heavily relates to saving the world however it doesn't do it so strongly that every shot mimics the lyrics, at all.
We are going to have the traditional fighters kit for the boxers however for the super hero's we are going to rent costumes for the 3 superheros. The symbolism in the videos is a star, linking the boxer and the superheroes together as they are both stars for trying to 'save the world' in their own way. This is very discreet as we don't want to make it obvious and possibly ambiguous to if the boxer is part of the superheroes or if he just helps save the world.
A little boy/girl eating an ice-cream looks into the distance in awe!
Camera changes to people dressed as superheros, walking up a hill or a wide landscape
Cuts to a boxer in a changing room looking very worried, while the coach shouts in the distance- maybe a time lapse around him while he is in slow motion, or/with a stuck in motion shot (explained on my blog).
Cuts back to the superhero's walking very macho like, 'looking for crime'.
The crowd is cheering for for the boxers, flicking between them and a crowd of people cheering for the superheroes as they walk past.
Showing the people in the training room practicing, slow motion, to fast motion.
The superheroes are doing regular things such as going shopping asking if everything is good, fist pumping the shop keeper etc.
Close ups of empty ring,(different parts of it) as well lighting shining in on the ring, through the window.
Shots (many wide and close up shots, maybe extreme close up shots) of the superheroes patrolling the streets
Showing the main fighter practicing before entering the ring, psyching himself up!
Like the Rizzle Kicks video (lost generation) we may create a similar scene where the superheroes are too busy posing for pictures and acting cool to notice someone being robbed or something along those lines.
Then one notices the robbery (for instance)
One starts running after the culprits
They all join and find the culprits
Try to stop them but instead get beaten up themselves
Back to gym where the announcer has called the fighter and he is about to get in the ring and fight
The match starts (close up of eyes against opponent) it starts badly for the main boxer
Oppositely, the Superheroes decide they should actually trying to help the community
The round is over and the coach is giving a stern talk, (slow motion) the fighter is slightly bewildered
Start helping the community (superhero's) such as putting things in the bin)
The fighter is ready and the round starts, this time the fighter is ready!
The fight continues
The superheroes are giving back to the community + environment
Wide shot of fight and crowd cheering
Getting hetic now
Fight continues low angle
The community respects the help of the superheroes
The main fighter, knocks the opponent out and he falls in slow motion to the ground during the bridge of the song
The crowd cheers and screams
The decision the fighter won, on the wrist of the fighter who one is the same symbol (Star) showing how he is part of the people who help to 'save the world
cheering and hapiness
360 shot of the fighter
The superheroes are lined up 360 shot of them
They create a star symbol and depart
The people crowd round and cheer for the boxer
Crowd shot
Shot of superheroes looking out to the area 'song line'- who's ...
Lip syncs: gonna
The World...
These shots are close ups of the superheroes
And finally the boxer
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