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Evolution of Sign Language

No description

Melissa Yuen

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of Sign Language

Evolution of Sign Language
Created By:

Yuen A Form of Communication For almost two centuries, American Sign Language has been used as a form of communication primarily by deaf communities in the United States. There have also been various explanations for its origin and history. Significance of ASL Over the years, American Sign Language has evolved and contributed greatly to society by offering knowledge to make educational judgements as well as providing guidance to many Americans. Further Explanations American Sign Language (ASL) -American Sign Language is a complex language that involves the use of body movement and facial expressions as signals.

-To many deaf communities in North America, ASL is a primary language and one of the several options for communication. Deaf children are able to learn to sign fluently as other American children would learn to communicate through speaking.
In addition to giving deaf communities in America an efficient way to communicate with others, research has shown that American Sign Language has brought positive results by:
-Improving the speed of processing skills (of those who are able to sign compared to ordinary speakers). Global Efforts & Sign Language Development National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Opinions Deaf History Month is celebrated annually in the United States from March 13 to April 15 and allows people to identify leaders while learning about events involving deaf communities.

Techniques about teaching sign language are also provided in educational workshops. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet American pioneer in
the education of the Deaf. Laurent Clerc Pioneer in Deaf Education
Teacher at the now-famous
Deaf school in Paris. First School for the Deaf April 15, 1817 in Hartford, Connecticut Studies on language development and advancements in technology and medical equipment have also contributed in improving the lives of Americans. In the United States, screening programs have been developed in hospitals to test the hearing of newborn babies before they are released. By doing this, families may begin their child’s language learning process, an early stage of development that holds great importance. American Sign Language becomes an option in this learning process, providing a strong guidance system for Americans. Citations
Embracing Diversity

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