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Unit 5: Stolen Childhoods

No description

Sylvia Gonzales

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Unit 5: Stolen Childhoods

Unit 5: Stolen Childhoods
In Unit 5...
We will learn about challenges faced by some children and their families, and study the techniques authors use to convey their stories.
Take a look at page 194...
Look at the picture, what are the children doing?
Unit 5 Essential Question:
Can the challenges a family faces force children to grow up too quickly?
What is a SLUM?
A slum is a very crowded section of a city with run-down housing and generally poor living conditions.
Does the slum look like a safe place for children? Does it look clean? Why do you think these children are not in school?
Let's talk about Australia...
First, some definitions:
RAIDERS= People who unexpectedly attack a place and/or a group.

SETTLERS= People who go to live in a country where not many people like them have lived before.

ABORIGINALS= Are native Australians
Describe a challenge you faced. How did you adapt? What did you learn?
On the JOT LOT:
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