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Zane R. and Jayla L. Reindeer Racing


Angela Altazan

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Zane R. and Jayla L. Reindeer Racing

Reindeer Racing does not fit in with the other Olympic sports because...
One reason Reindeer Racing shouldn't be an Olympic sport is because of safety. Some reindeer don't cooperate, like the reindeer will drag people across the track, therefore it is unsafe. And sometimes, they run away.

Every year after they race them they bring them to slaughter houses and kill them. So there is no reason to race them if there just going to be killed.
There Being Abused
Only Sami people are aloud to own reindeer, so the government will have to pass laws to be able for us to own them. Also, if they didn't pass the law, we would have to get them from another country which is illegal in other countries and to us.
Laws Have to be Passed
Only 3 Countries
Please watch the video
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