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Career Analysis

No description

Nico Torres

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis

Athletic Trainer A Master's Degree is
what is needed to be
a Athletic Trainer Athletic Trainers help prepare athletes for events The Trainers responsibility
is to help their clients
recover when they are
injured The average salary is
$23,450 to $60,960 47 states require athletic trainers to be licenced, this requires certification from B.O.C. Trainers work long hours
everyday and stick to a
tight schedules www.bls.gov This careers future
will be good because they will find more information on treating people with their bodies This career will
be at its best
in every state
because every
state has sports
and injuries Athletic Trainers use lots of technology,from MRI's, x-rays, etc. The customers
that a trainer
would deal
with is
sports player The problems trainers
have with their patients
are injuries Math is
use in
this job
you need
to know
of food
facts go
to gather
to help
etc. You need to be patient with your patients to for fill their needs Athletic trainers are usaually working one-on- one with their customer. So there isn't much team work
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