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All about Ross Lynch

Just watch the video and I hope you like it.

Jennifer Na

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of All about Ross Lynch

Ross was born December 29,1995 on Littleton,Colorado.
Ross Lynch's full name is Ross Shor Lynch.
When was Ross born?
Mark Lynch and Stormie Lynch are Ross Lynch's parents.
Ross is a member of R5,so far they did alot of albums.
Ross Lynch
His favorite color is
Ross has 4 siblings, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ryland Lynch, and his only sister Ridel Lynch.
Mom and Dad
Ross's Albums
of music
New album
Heart Made Up On You
All about Ross Lynch
Ross peformed in the Disney
Channel Music Awards along with R5 they sang the song
"(I Can't) Forget About You"
Ross Life on TV
Ross is a actor who was in "Austin and Ally."Ross also was in a movie called "Teen Beach Movie."
Ross has lots of fans as
all of you know.Ross is really nice to his fans lets them take pictures and get autographs anywhere.
Who is Ross Lynch?
Ross Lynch is an actor,singer,dancer,and a
instrumentalist.Ross is part of the members in R5.This band is formed by Ross siblings.Riker Lynch,Rocky Lynch,Ridel Lynch and a close friend but acts like part of the Lynch family his name is Ellington Ratliff.

Ross is also know as Austin Moon
What does Ross like
to do?
Ross likes to play Ice-Hockey.Ross also likes to
fly model airplanes.Ross also likes to watch a movie called "Romeo and Juliet".
Ross also likes to draw and
sketch.Ross loves eating
Cadbury easter eggs.
Who did Ross
sing with?
As you guys know Ross sang with lots of people.Some of the people he sang with are Mia Mitchell,Grace Phillips and Laura Marano.
All Girls:
All Pictures
Ross Lynch
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