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Project Integration Management

chapter 4 PMBOK

Aya Saif

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Project Integration Management

Execution doc. Rene Birthday Integration S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a s e m e d All About Integration Management mean? Integration (from the Latin integer, meaning whole or entire) generally means combining parts so that they work together or form a whole. JIVE Step Two What is the project Plan ? Understanding the Problem Confidential Build Around the Buyers Journey? what does Revenue At a M&S OpEx New Deals ('11) $18,836k ($9,008k) 382 Change control Profits on a 25,000 software license BCOV Result ($4,319) Losses are sustained at bigger volume of clients Result What to do? Project Manager as an Integrator transposed on a traditional 'funnel' view The project management plan Evaluate Options Buys it Deploys Is successful Recognize Need Step Three Remove Sales Funnel Evaluat Options Buys it Deploys it Is successful Recognizes need Finds out
about it browsing the internet
passionate people (TED)
trusted advisors
sales superstars ? Tools Content Organization Methodology Hire, Train, Compensate and
organize in a flat Structure Trust, Provoke & Consult Leverage Social Media Make it Engaging & Fresh Successfully How Sales Superstar social media peer
reference SEO @IndoJacco Matrix Partners To the attention of David Skok Thank You for the inspiration Aya,
Jacco Campbell, CA So why INTEGRATION management? Skills Expert in Engaging, Story Telling & Online Selling Problem Solver Coordinator What is integration management? Annual M&S Annual M&S Don't forget to call your Mom! Help me! Jive Spend on M&S Revenues Clients 2010 2011 $65M $46M 676 560 $45M $29M Diff $19M 77 $16M Year 1 cost of sales! 85% T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Step Four Rewire your brain to not fight the cloud but to use it! We focus traditional enterprise sales here While success takes place here Why What How Gap is too big to close with traditional SaaS sales. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Risk with SaaS is way higher Perpetual SaaS Project Integration Management Presented By: Ahmed Elias Aya Saif Contents 1. Intro
2. what is Integration Management?
3. Integration Mgt Process
4. Conclusion Faiez Osman Then you Plan out
all the work Then you make sure
the work is done
properly Scenario What went Wrong? please read the story.. 3 mins Poor Planning Unanticipated Problems Unhappy customer and Guess What? First you get assigned to
a project and once it's finished, you close out the
project NOTE: All projects get initiated first, then planned, then executed, and finally closed. Large projects follow the same pattern. this is done by processes
in the initiating group Executing and
monitoring & Controlling Decision Maker it's very huge topic process and activities needed to ensure that all the elements of a project are properly coordinated within the project management process group characterized by:
- unification
- Consolidation
- Articulation, and
- Integrative actions integration in the project mgt
context Project Integration management is a science it coordinates efforts
in the 8 knowledge areas The Integration Management Process the PMBOK Guide divides the Integration
management into 6 Processes: Develop the project Charter Develop Project Management Plan 3 1 2 Direct and manage
Project execution Monitor and control
project work Perform integrated
change control 4 Close Project or Phase 5 initiating Planning Executing Closing A project charter is a document that formally recognizes the existence of a project and provides direction on the project’s objectives and management. Project charter is a document that: Formally authorizes
a project or a phase Documents the
initial requirements Establishes a
Partnership Authorizes the project mgr to
use resources 1 2 3 4 1. Develop the Project Charter Business case Contract Statement
of Work (SOW) Organizational
Process Assets Inputs Developing
the Charter... Enterprise Environmental Factors Expert Judgement Tools &
Techniques Output project Charter Acceptance: sig So..What's the Solution? LET"S Figure Out! 2. Develop the Project plan A project management plan is a document used to coordinate all project planning documents and help guide a project’s execution and control.

Plans created in the other knowledge areas are subsidiary parts of the overall project management plan. What is the Project plan? Organizational
Process Assets Developing the project Plan process Charter Output from
processes Enterprise
Factors Expert
Judgement Inputs output Project management plan “subsidiary plans" "Baslines" "Problems You are a project manager starting a new project. Your manager warns you that
previous projects ran into trouble. Which of the following would be BEST for you to rely on to help plan your project? Question
A. Our project management expertise
B. Historical information
C. The change control system
D. Forecasts Process of performing the work defined in the project management plan to achieve the project’s objectives. 3. DIRECT AND MANAGE PROJECT EXECUTION Corrective action: documented direction for executing the project work to bring expected future performance of the project work in line with the project management plan.

Preventive action: a documented direction to perform an activity that can reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks.

Defect repair: the formally documented identification of a defect in a project component with a recommendation to either repair the defect or completely replace the component. APPROVED CHANGES OF DIRECT AND MANAGE PROJECT EXECUTION 1. Project management plan
2. Approved change requests
3. Enterprise environmental factors
4.Organizational process assets INPUTS, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES AND OUTPUTS

This is the process of tracking, reviewing, and regulating the process to meet the performance objectives defined in the project management plan.

Continuous monitoring gives the project management team insight into the health of the project, and identifies any areas that may require special attention.

Control includes determining corrective or preventive actions or replanning and following up on action plans to determine if the actions taken resolved the performance issue. 4. MONITOR AND CONTROL PROJECT WORK Comparing actual performance against project management plan.

Assessing performance.
Identifying new risks and analyzing, tracking and monitoring existing project risk.

Maintaining an accurate, timely information base.
Providing information to support status reporting, progress measurement, and forecasting.

Providing forecasts to update current cost and current schedule information.
Monitoring implementation of approved changes as they occur. AREAS OF CONCERN
1. Project management plan
2. Performance reports
3. Enterprise environmental factors
4. Organizational process assets INPUTS, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES AND OUTPUTS 1. Expert judgment
2.Project management information system TOOLS AND TECHNIQUE
1. Work Performance information.
2. Change requests
3. Project management plan updates
4. Project document updates Inputs Outputs TOOLS AND TECHNIQUE Change requests
Project management plan updates
Project document updates Expert judgment INPUTS OUTPUTS Which of the following is NOT an output of Direct and Manage Project Execution? A. Work performance information
B. Deliverables
C. Implemented change requests
D. Forecasts 5. Perform integrated change control The integrated change control process Reviewing all change requests
Approving changes and
managing changes to the deliverables ,organizational process assets ,project documents and the project management plan. Every change should be documented and the change request must be either approved or rejected by some authority within the Project team or an external Organization . Includes: Changes may be requested by any stake holder. new or revised cost ,
activity sequences schedule dates ,
resource requirements
risk analysis Approved change requests can require : Change control board (CCB) : responsible for approving or rejecting change requests. with integrated change control provides standardized and effective way to manage approved change . Configuration management system Perform Integrated Change control Perform Integrated Change Control Organizational process assets
* Process management data base.
*Change control procedures .
* Project file .
* Configuration management Enterprise environmental factors
(management information system e.g.,
an automated tool ,) Work performance Information Change requests Project management plan inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs 1. Project management plan.

2. Work performance Information

3. Enterprise environmental factors

4.Organizational process assets 1. Expert judgment
2. Change control meetings 1. Change request status updates.

2. Project management plan updates.

3. Project document updates. knowledge base
company policies and standard inputs Expert Judgement change control meetings Change request status updates. Project management plan updates. Project document updates. 1. 2. 3. 6. Closing the Project Tools & Techniques Outputs 1. Project management plan
2. Accepted deliverables
3. Organizational process assets (Project closure guidelines and
Historical information and lessons learned knowledge base) Inputs Expert judgment 1.Final product,service,or result transition

2. Organizational process assets
Tools & Techniques Outputs Project files (P.M.Plan …. etc)
Project or phase closure document .
Historical information You’ve just received a change request. This means: A. The project charter is complete, but the work cannot begin yet because you need to make a
change to the scope baseline

B. You are in the Direct and Manage Execution process, and you can implement the change now

C. The change needs to be approved before it can be implemented

D. There is a defect in a deliverable that must be repaired Question???? The Integration Management knowledge area has all of the processes that you do in your day-to-day work as a project manager. When I’m putting together my project management plan, I need to look at every single process and figure out how it’s integrated into my project.So that’s what “Integration Management” means. what I Understand... Thank You for Your Patience.. The process of Finalizing all activities a cross all of the project management process to formally complete the project or phase Success 6
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